Boost Customer Engagement with SMS Marketing: Tips and Tricks

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Are you searching for ways to boost customer engagement? Get in touch with bulk sms reseller providers and offer your customers unique approaches to boost sales.

Every business has a different approach while each customer has a varied requirement. Winners are those who efficiently strategize their marketing campaigns keeping in mind their customers’ demands and needs. Among the realm of different ecommerce strategies, sms marketing has always been the most popular among marketers as the possibilities are endless. 

There are around 1.5 billion people worldwide who are ardent television users, 1 billion who religiously use personal computers, and more than 3 billion who cannot stay without their mobile phones. So, clearly, cellphones are a much more efficient tactic to reach the global market.  

How Effective Is Mobile and SMS Marketing?

  • Mobile texts or messages are the most direct ways to connect with the target audience. 
  • Brands and businesses leverage affordable bulk sms service to send personalized text messages to clients and customers for promoting their products and services. According to statistics, the open rates of smses are about 98% and also have a high click-through rate. So, the strategy to increase customer engagement works here easily without splurging an insane amount of money on advertising campaigns.  
  • It is a proven fact that the response marketers get through mobile marketing is way higher than any traditional form of marketing. Also, it attracts more customers as most of them want a direct channel of communication with brands and businesses for more updates, shipping related queries, coupons, and discounts. 

Tips to Target Your Prospective Customers Via SMS Marketing:-

  • Strategic Timing:- Each and every person is searching for value-added service. Today there are a number of companies listed on the internet, customers get inclined to those that offer something extra. With personalized texts and messages you can benefit easily. Customers love instant communication when they have the option of immediate messaging. However, there are certain timeframes that you need to concentrate on if you want more attention. For example for sending 21% of retail messages choose the time between 5 PM-6 PM. Do not send texts before 8 AM and after 9 PM. Also, plan your messages in a way that they get delivered amidst peak response time. 
  • Relevant CTA to Drive Traffic:- Keep your interaction with your customers alive and active. Important Call-to-Action buttons like “ Click here”, “ Text to vote”, “Buy now”  help in increasing your engagement with customers. Though these are much common in email marketing, blogs, and websites. But adding clickable items in your smses will guarantee a much higher response rate. 

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