2022 Whatsapp: New Features To Be Launched In The Near Future

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WhatsApp is launching new features every now and then. Know what changes will Whatsapp marketing in India undergo in 2022 and their subsequent impacts on users. 

The introduction of new features aims to make the life of users easier. And the same thing applies to Whatsapp. Thus, Whatsapp marketing services in Kolkata will be seen making some important upgrades in 2022. So, check them out here. 

Some Whatsapp Features You Can Expect In 2022

  1. Hiding Last Seen From Specific Contacts

Hiding your last seen on Whatsapp is a very traditional feature. But the latest feature will enable you to hide your availability status only from specific contacts. The company is still testing this feature. However, when the feature goes live, you can easily hide your last seen status from the contacts you are going to choose. 

  1. You Can Delete Sent Messages Almost Any Time 

Presently, Whatsapp users can delete sent messages in a time span of about 68 minutes and 16 seconds. However, the testing on the beta version may remove this limit once and for all. It indicates that users can delete their sent messages from any time in the past. But there is no clarity on when this feature will become available. 

  1. New Community Feature

Whatsapp has been working on the latest community feature that can bear resemblance to discord channels and groups. Moreover, the new community features give admins control over the various aspects of the app. Admins can now integrate multiple groups inside a community, exactly like you can do in Discord. Furthermore, the chats will have end-to-end encryption. 

  1. WhatsApp Logout

Next, the Whatsapp logout button will replace the button ‘Delete Account.’ Additionally, it will support the upcoming features for multi-devices. Experts suggest that Whatsapp will finally introduce a logout option for the users. This option will also let users log out of Whatsapp accounts from their devices including Facebook and other social networking applications. 

  1. Instagram Reels On Whatsapp

Moreover, Whatsapp also aims to take the Instagram Reels section forward. One can use this feature to watch Instagram Reels directly from the messaging app. For unaware users, Instagram Reels is the short video feature that came into existence right after the government put a ban on TikTok. 

  1. Make Your Own Sticker

With the latest upgrade, you can now create your own sticker by uploading a picture of your choice. You can also use customized tools for editing the sticker to make it funnier. 


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