All You Need To Know About Missed Call Service

missed call serviceWhen any customer will give you a missed call in a definite number, which is a special number actually dedicated to receiving such missed calls. In these numbers, you can also reply the customers via text messages in response to the missed call. Missed call alert is actually a website based application that helps to engage your customers. Missed call service is generally used for the different verification process, polling, voting, to get feedback from customers and even for call back services.

How does it actually work?

Every business establishment has to select a specific number that will provide the service with “Missed call Alerts”. Then on that number, you will get an automatic confirmation through SMS that the person’s name has been registered. Once is done the caller’s number is properly stored in the record.

Places where you can promote your Missed call number

  • You can promote your number in your website and also in advertisements.
  • In all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
  • TV or radio ads
  • Advertise your number in Print media, banner or hoardings.

Benefits of Missed call alert service

We know that text marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand but nowadays most of the customers put these numbers as DND. So, toll free service providers in Kolkata switched to provide missed call alert service to the companies. Thus here are some benefits which you can get from Missed call alert service:-

  • Mobile Verification – Missed call alert services are also used as a tool for mobile verification. You can see that there are many websites where there is a facility of subscription based service. The reason of using this service is that through this tool the customer will easily be identified.
  • Lead Verification – Missed call solutions are very useful for generation of leads and also it is perfect to maintain the quality of the leads. If the user wants to get the result they can send any text message and at the end of the message, you include the toll-free missed call number at the end of the SMS. The caller’s number will automatically get stored in the database. Also, a confirmation message can be sent to the caller after it gets registered.
  • Online Voting – The process of online voting has become really famous nowadays. We can see on television that they are actually utilizing this method to attract votes from the viewers. As the other techniques are cost effective so the viewers do not participate in it. The viewers just need to give a missed call in that number to cast his vote.
  • Customer Survey – It is very important that the companies get updated with the customer reviews these days. With missed call service you can easily take the negative and positive feedback of your customers.