Avail Several SMS Gateways from the Top SMS Service Provider

SMS Service provider

SMS is the fastest connecting channel now. The best SMS Service Provider in Kolkata offers multiple types of SMS packages in affordable prices.

An SMS service provider actually provides diverse SMS or messaging services. The provider is not a mobile network operator. These SMS types are not only fit for personal connections but also for professional contacts. In business also SMS helps to reach out to bulk of customers in few seconds.  The best SMS Service Provider in Kolkata offers reliable SMS gateways and APIs at much lower prices as compared to the other states. Every premium serviced is assured to reach the customers with the fastest speed. Drafts on papers are no more required to get connected. The provider basically signs agreement with operators of many mobile networks. This is done to get the permission of the mobile network owners to exchange messages with their network and offer an interface to the users to receive and send text and multimedia messages. Few among the interfaces are quite easy to access and use as maximum technical details of messaging are kept hidden.

Some of the examples of SMSs are bulk SMS which includes the promotional and transactional messages, voice messages, short and long code types of SMSs, missed call services and toll-free message services.

The marketing trend is changing day by day with the advancements of technologies. Bulk SMSs are used in the business world to get connected to many using a single message. Bulk SMS is one of the newest marketing tools. The bulk SMS services give the ultimate way to reach out to a mass of people in just one shot. With the help of this type of messages, the business owners can promote, advertise or sell a product, service or an event. Bulk SMS is classified into two types, transactional and promotional messages. These two have different roles to play in the professional or business world. Moreover, it gives a far better way of marketing than the traditional ways which were even costlier. To market using bulk SMS, one just needs to purchase the package and use it till the validity ends. The packages are priced very modestly. Bulk

Bulk SMSs Must be Chosen to Drive More Sales because:-

  1. People are found to be more active on mobiles these days.
  2. The open rates higher than the traditional marketing techniques. This means a simple message on a mobile phone can convey all about the service or product information without wasting time.
  3. Quite reliable and also cost-effective.
  4. Helps to maintain a good relationship with the customers.
  5. The response rate is much higher in this case.
  6. Traditional marketing is not possible with the customers of different countries or states. But this is possible with bulk SMSs. Message regarding any advertisement or promotion can be sent to a customer sitting far in a different state or country.

Among the two types of bulk SMSs, promotional messages are used with the objective to promote a product, event or any service. This includes marketing and sales that may or may not be implored by the recipient. These types of SMSs mainly contains information like the percentage of offer, special offers like buy to get something free, combo offers, etc. These services or messages are endorsed to attract more number of customers towards the product. Promotional messages are not delivered to the DND numbers, the service time extends from 9 am to 9 pm and instantaneous delivery with reports can be achieved. The best service provider of Promotional SMS in Kolkata has given a one-stop solution for the marketing of all business activities in reasonable rates.