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How To Reach Your Clients Inexpensively Using Bulk Sms Marketing?

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Bulk sms and whatsapp marketing in India are successful methods to reach your clients in an affordable way. Thus, you get the opportunity to promote your services & products. 

SMS marketing, a flourishing marketing technique is gaining success in the communication world due to its fast result on the Indian audience. The quick appearance of high-end smartphones and mobile techniques has been acting as a catalyst in raising the curiosity among the common man to gain real-time information.  Accordingly, the immense popularity of the Facebook-owned messaging Application is taking the world by storm. Yes, we are talking about Whatsapp, which provides service to more than 1 Billion users all over the world. Bulk Whatsapp Marketing in India involves integrating marketing techniques by connecting with audiences through mobile devices. 

The extensive reach and increasing popularity of Whatsapp is nothing new. With an active user base of more than 1.5 billion, the growth of this messaging app is not going to stop any time soon. The current generation wants fast service. Using emails and phone calls has therefore taken a backseat as both these channels are time-consuming. Hence, brands and businesses are resorting to Whatsapp. 

5 Advantages Of Using Whatsapp Marketing Strategy:

  1. Access any whatsapp number globally
  2. You can send sound video files and pictures through whatsapp
  3. Get whatsapp replies
  4. Digitized marketing
  5. Affordable
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Benefits and Difficulties of the Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Services

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Many SMS provider service companies deliver bulk Whatsapp marketing in Kolkata that helps to reach the highest number of audiences. Continue to read.

Whatsapp is currently one of the most used and important chatting apps.  Whatsapp marketing is a kind of marketing tactic that is used through Whatsapp for promoting products or brands. Presently most people use Whatsapp as their mode of communication because of its numerous facilities. So many digital marketing companies provide Whatsapp marketing services at a very affordable cost to expand their business in the large market. 

SMS Marketing is also one of the most important marketing tactics that most companies use to connect with their customers. But it’s also true that people tend to open their Whatsapp messages faster than SMS messages. So the digital marketing companies also add bulk Whatsapp marketing in India as their new marketing tool. Whatsapp marketing in India is famous because of its highest reach to attract audiences.

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Success secrets behind using bulk SMS Marketing.

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Bulk SMS Marketing  is now the cheapest way for all businesses to market its products and services to mass of customers at a time. If bulk SMS marketing is carried out in the right way, you can hope for getting the maximum sale and profit for your business. Here are the steps that can guarantee you success using the bulk SMS marketing activities. Continue reading Success secrets behind using bulk SMS Marketing.

Some frequently asked questions regarding Whatsapp marketing in India


When you talk about digital and social media marketing, other people mostly think about traditional networks like Twitter and Facebook. However, it is greatly surprising that messaging apps are catching up at a faster pace. With the rising number of active messaging app users, this particular medium has dedicatedly contributed to the soaring growth of businesses. Currently, it is estimated that there are 200 million diligent Whatsapp users in India. With such a wide application base, companies are now using this feature to conduct their operations via digital marketing medium. It is true, that some marketers may be still hesitant to dabble with this feature because of zero buying potential for the third party advertising and strictly maintained a privacy policy. However, you cannot totally deny the benefits which can be reaped from it. Continue reading Some frequently asked questions regarding Whatsapp marketing in India

How do the Bulk SMS and Whatsapp Marketing Engage more Customers in Start Up?

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For any start-up business to succeed, the primary concern should be to establish a stronghold of communication with all the potential customers. The more you boost your business prospects, the more successful it becomes. In the age of rapid digitization as well as severe competition, several companies are taking to the online platform so as to spread their brand narrative in the most effective way. The bulk SMS and the WhatsApp marketing are two such popular features which are being opted by millions of small scale companies to survive in this competitive market. Continue reading How do the Bulk SMS and Whatsapp Marketing Engage more Customers in Start Up?