Driving Past Coronavirus Crisis: Technology & SMS Being the Saviour

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You can use bulk sms services to reach your customers through alerts, notifications, and promotional deals. Know how sms and the internet became a savior in 2020. 

Did you recently cancel your wedding plans or your much-awaited vacations?  Did you change your business plans at the last minute? If yes, all thanks to the coronavirus pandemic for making all of us come face to face with a multitude of different challenges. With the lockdown restrictions imposed, and social distancing being the norm. The year 2020 has been massive in terms of surprises in a negative aspect. However, the only saving grace that kept business and people put up a strong fight is technology. Additionally digital and sms marketing have been prominent in fixing all major business loopholes. 

How Affordable Bulk SMS Service And Technology Have Been A Savior In 2020?

Communication proved to be the most important aspect of the year as people relied on phones, and internet connections to pass on their message be it personal or professional. With restrictions imposed on every step, brands had to pivot operations with little to no choice. Also when the world is experiencing a health crisis, communications definitely need dynamic solutions.  

  • With SMS, you can streamline your work by notifying customers, staff, colleagues, and stakeholders about any meetings, referrals. Or any other important information instantly. It is an affordable, easy, and convenient solution and requires less time and effort. 
  • Nothing can beat the success rate of text messages. Marketers could send timely updates or confirmations to their prospective clients about any reservation, cancellation, event rescheduling,  or heath protocol announcements through sms. 
  • There was a time when person-to-person interaction was impossible without physical presence but all credit to the internet now for making this possible. With improved platforms to conduct virtual meetings with colleagues or meet-ups with family members. A lot of problems have been averted. 
  • Concerts and festivals are popular due to their ability to attract a mass crowd but the pandemic has put a stop to it. But all credit goes to online software,  concerts, and celebrations that got a digital makeover. 
  • Brands and businesses have been on the receiving end of encountering heavy losses. In this scenario, marketers with the help of text messaging have been able to target their prospective customers to pitch new products and services. It led to enabling and boosting projected sales for that year. 


Thus to mend the present broken physical world, building a parallel virtual reality proved extremely beneficial for various organizations and brands. Web2SMS provides the best bulk voice call service in India at competitive rates. Also, get in touch with them for effectively scaling your business by incorporating the latest industry practices for desired results.