Effective Ways To Do SMS Or Text Marketing In The Right Way !

bulk SMS marketing

The efficiency of an SMS service provider in Kolkata is indisputable. Text marketing has become the highest engagement medium for any marketing business. 

Bulk SMS marketing in Kolkata is recently becoming an area of attention. More than half of the customers prefer to communicate support via SMS. It has also become beneficial for the brands to effectively reach their customers. Just with a few clicks, you can communicate directly with the clients. 

Tips For Successful Text Marketing:

Take Permission And Make Options Clear:

  • The first step is to take permission from your clients to send text messages. Otherwise, you would simply appear as a spammer, which can cause irreparable damage to your business.  
  • Also, avail the subscribers with the option to interact with the text messages they receive. This can be in the form of asking them to send the OTPs or keywords to your shortcode.  

Know The Rules Clearly:

  • It is imperative to know the rules that the authorities have made, in order to prevent future hassles. The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) demands SMS Marketers to involve “data and message rates apply” in auto-reply texts. 
  • Most SMS Marketing industries add this disclaimer instantly. However, it is your responsibility too to make sure it has been added. 

Less Is More:

  • How many messages are too many? The answer is quite confusing. An in-depth analysis of ideal text message frequency suggests starting with 4-5 texts a month. This eventually grows to 10 SMS per month. 
  • However, your messages must provide real value to your customers. Additionally, it is imperative to have a close monitor of those unsubscribing for finding the faulty spot in your job. 

Note Down The Timing:

  • Timing eventually indicates the period when your client is most likely to view the messages. As per Mobile Marketer, Mondays calculate the lowest response rates. Avoid texting clients, unless your SMS has some specific relevance for that day. 
  • You must also steer clear of general commute times, which are typically between 30-8:30 am and 4-7 pm. This is the time when people most likely drive and cannot read or respond to messages. 

Make It Fun:

  • Sending texts becomes monotonous if you do it in a formal way. To keep entertaining your clients, make texting fun. 
  • You can think of games, portfolios, and interactive content which the client finds interesting. This way you can reach them quickly and they are likely to retain for a longer time.


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