Engage your Customer with SMS Marketing

promotional sms in kolkataSending a message to your customers is indeed a better way of promoting your business. No doubt, SMS are getting more attention and chances are high that more people will notice it. So naturally Bulk SMS are actually helping to increase the sales. Companies are sending frequent offers to their customers through SMS marketing. This will also increase the brand value of a company. SMS marketing is considered to drive in the most customer engagement and retain also. Here are some successful ideas if SMS marketing:-

  • Best Deals – The best way to drive your customer through SMS marketing is to offer some exclusive deals through text message. This idea will lead to subscribe your programs more than regular times and this will also make them feel special. But it is important to remember that to hold up to your increasing sale it is necessary that you continue giving this offer at regular intervals. Never repeat your campaign or give the same offer again and again. Also, make sure that you do not provide this offer in some other channel and then again use the same campaign for SMS marketing.
  • Insider Information – People loves to know more about your company and offers. So, SMS marketing is the right way where you can include the insider information about the company. The customer will definitely believe that they are getting the best access to their deals before they are announced in any other mass media platforms. Also, include some early access offer so that your offer gets more engagement.
  • Surveys or Polls – Promotional SMS in India nowadays are very popular. The best part is that these messages which are basically based on surveys or polls help the customers to directly get linked with your business. It is because that they can participate in these surveys and thus their interests also grow for the products.
  • Contests – Contests are another form of SMS marketing tactics which are used for SMS marketing. It increases the excitement among the customers. But make sure that the price of the products is not high so that people will not be able to participate. Otherwise, it will be difficult to attract many customers. Along with the offers, you can also mention if any of your stores are opened recently.
  • Loyalty Club – A great way to attract your customer for all the year round through some kind of loyalty club. For communication with your customer regarding the events of the club, you can use the platform of SMS marketing. Obviously, you might have a list of your loyal customers; divide them into several categories – locations, buying habits and other notable information. Then, send the messages to them at regular intervals. For VIP list, send them some exclusive deals and any other kind of offers that will make them feel special.