FAQs on WhatsApp Marketing – A Successful Business Strategy

Whatsapp marketing is the most in-thing in social media marketing. Read here to know how Whatsapp Marketing in Kolkata and beyond will help your business

Whatsapp Marketing

Digital marketing is the new age marketing technique to push forward your business. And among the digital marketing techniques, social media marketing is one such strong mode of marketing that reaches to many people at the same time. Whatsapp marketing is one such powerful tool of social media marketing. If you wish to expand your business you can hire a good company dealing with WhatsApp Marketing in Kolkata which can guide you in this regard.

Here Are Some FAQs on WhatsApp Marketing:-

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Whatsapp marketing is the latest marketing technique where you can send your business-related messages and communications through one of the most popular social media tools – Whatsapp.

Why should I opt for WhatsApp Marketing to reach out to my clients when I can send them messages directly?

One of the reasons is of course that Whatsapp is the most popular messaging system and people are always going through their Whatsapp chat boxes. So, there is a much more fair chance that they would read your messages, especially if the client has an interest in your company. Moreover, in Whatsapp, you can actually track if the reader has read your message or not (unless your client has restricted that option). In the case, of ordinary messaging, you can only track the receipt of the message but not if the reader has read it or not. Moreover, often SMS messages are sent at a cost whereas Whatsapp messages are free.

How can I make my customers look at my messages and not ignore them?

This is also one more advantage of Whatsapp messages. You can make your messages as creative as possible. So, you can use GIFs or images in your messages to make your messages more attractive to your potential customers. A well-designed message will always attract readers.

How will it help my business?

You will be able to send messages related to your products and services including discounts, offers and other aspects related to your business. It will also help your customers to interact directly with you. Moreover, you will be able to track customer response and behaviour through this.

There are several advantages of WhatsApp messages. The best thing is that Whatsapp is used quite abundantly by the younger generation. So, if you wish to catch their attention, Whatsapp messaging is the perfect platform. For more support on SMS marketing and WhatsApp marketing, you can get in touch with Web2SMS for the perfect implementation