Has WhatsApp Marketing Achieved Success In Reaching Customers?

Reach New Customers With WhatsApp Marketing

When it comes to reaching new customers, nothing beats the supremacy of WhatsApp marketing in Ranchi. Check out this blog and dig deeper into the facts. 

WhatsApp refers to a mobile application that lets you send messages for free to any corner of the world. But Whatsapp is no longer just a mode of communication. Nowadays, brands have been using it for marketing purposes. The use of WhatsApp marketing services in Kolkata for reaching new potent customers is gaining momentum. 

Tips To Reach Your Target Audience On Whatsapp

  1. Start growing your audience

You might have an entire contact list ready on your phone. But you can’t push messages to the until they don’t give you permission. You just have to follow the instructions while setting up your marketing messages. Another trick is to offer your audience something in exchange for their phone number. This can either be a sale coupon or a flat discount offer. Offer them something more than an automated message. 

  1. Divide and rule

It is clear that after this your contact list continues to expand. It is time to spice things up. Give proper labels to your contacts. Some of the most common default labels are new customer, new order, paid, pending payment and order complete. After labelling your contacts, it is easy to find them within the application. As soon as they hit reply, your message is going to come back as a regular, one-to-one message on your chat screen. 

  1.  Provide customer support

It can sometimes be difficult to procide an entire customer support service when you are a startup. With the help of WhatsApp for business, even businesses tight on budget can afford to answer their customer queries. The best part about the app is that is supports all kind of media. This emans apart fromtexting, you can use video, audio and even a call for providing excellent customer support.

  1. Send them regular reminders

Don’t let your customers forget you. But also don’t irritate them by sending tons of messages on a single day. A simple reminder stating important information about discounts, etc will not do any harm. Millennials have becoming familiar with checking WhatsApp every hour. So, give them a reason to do so. Innovative ways of providing feedback can actually help you interact with them more freely. 

Wrapping It Up

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