How Can Retail SMS Marketing Uplift Your Business?

sms marketing

Maximise your brand’s growth & heighten customer satisfaction with bulk SMS service in India. Understand how SMS marketing can be beneficial for retailers.

A good SMS marketing strategy can assist you in generating extra sales and develop fruitful client relationships. It is one of the most trusted communication and engagement mediums that consumers prefer due to its speed and convenience. 

There are several benefits of SMS marketing and you can choose the one that best suits your business needs. You can use it for sales and marketing, for client retention campaigns, and as an alert, a tool to grow product visibility.

Facts About SMS Marketing:

  • 53% of the market consumers are already using mobile text messaging as a tool to generate leads. 
  • 31% of marketers are planning to use bulk text messaging to turn prospective leads into reliable customers. 

Therefore, bulk SMS reseller service in India provides you an opportunity to resell SMS credits to your customers for both individual and business purposes. 

How Retailers Use SMS To Benefit Their Business?

  • Alerts and Notification:

The best way to reach your customers is through SMS alerts and notifications. You can send SMS alerts for :

  • Breaking news 
  • Emergency situation alerts
  • Also, event alerts
  • Also, the arrival of new stocks or products

Make sure your SMS should have 3 parts- one that sends the notification and alert, one part value, and one part action. To stick to the 160 character limit, use a URL shortener of your website or landing page. 

  • Loyalty Programs: 

The best way to enhance customer experience is through loyalty programs. The more personalized your services are, the more you gain customers’ trust. So, offer benefits, perks, discounts, and rewards to increase customer retention. According to bulk SMS service providers, in a market that is already saturated, loyalty programs are a tool to stand out. 

  • Real-Time And Quick Delivery Option: 

Provides you the chance to analyze and keep a tab on the campaign’s outreach. You can measure its effectiveness through real-time SMS delivery reports and also incorporate search metrics to step it up one step higher. 

  • Updating New Products & Services: 

SMS is a great way to make your customers aware of the newly launched products and services. The one thing that you need to be sure of is to use your brand’s tone and voice in these messages. 

Affordable bulk SMS service can help you gain momentum in your business by engaging with your clients at any instant. It has the highest open rates along with the quickest response rate. So, if you want to convert your prospective leads into trustable partners, make use of bulk SMS service

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