How Does Bulk SMS Sender Id Help Create Brand Identity

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If you are sending bulk sms India you must be having your SMS sender idea. Read here to know more about how it works to enhance the name of your business.

SMS is a very smart way to reach out to your customers. An easier form of sms is bulk sms India whereby you can reach out to a large number of customers at the same time. Here you do not have to sit and contact with each customer individually but reach out to many – all at the same time. One of the things which are an important part of bulk sms is that it comes with a unique sms sender ID.

Read here to Know More About SMS Sender ID:-

  • Sender ID is a code depicting the sender of the SMS. In India, it has a maximum of six characters. Normally, if it is a transactional sms it has 6 alphabetic characters. In the case of Promotional SMS, you will 6 numeric characters. This is also a part of sms marketing strategy.
  • The sender ID is used as an identification of the sender. So, it is a way your brand or company name can be distinguished from the others. This ID is crucial is creating an identity of your company. The customer is able to understand that the code belongs to your company.

The Source Address Must Keep the Following Criteria in Mind:

  • In case of domestic clients within India, a sender ID will have 6 alphabetical characters in case of transactional messages.
  • In the case of international SMS, the ID can have alpha-numeric characters of up to 14 characters.
  • There must not be any blank spaces between the characters
  • The code should not contain any punctuation or special characters or Greek characters
  • A code can never be the name of an individual alone
  • The source address is case sensitive
  • It is very important to select the ID carefully so that the customer is able to relate it with the name of your brand. For example, it can include a few first characters of your brand name. This way you will not only build your loyalty but your loyal customers would definitely read your sms. 

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