How Effective Is Location-Based SMS Advertising For Your Business?

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In location-based advertising, marketing options are limitless. You will need the best possible tactics to gain maximum benefit for your business via bulk sms service in India.

Location-based marketing strategy is on the tip of every marketer’s mind and SMS. In particular, it is the best resource for this trending technique. Bulk sms resellers in Kolkata are of the view that location-based advertising is targeted for the local area. It gives customers the much-needed boost to visit local points of ales to boost revenues. Not quite sure how you can make this work and implement this strategy in your marketing endeavors? Here is everything you need to know to gain a thorough understanding of location-based advertising through sms. 

How Does Location-Based Advertising Work?

Location-based advertising also known as geo-targeted marketing. Often used by marketers to leverage bulk promotional sms service in India. They use this strategy to connect to prospective and existing customers who are physically closer to their business. SMS local-based advertising lets marketers send promotional and time-sensitive texts to customers that compel them to take an action. Thus, if you have multiple business locations, you can use this one of kind marketing strategy to focus on a particular store location. This will boost product sales, increase awareness of your business’s presence, enhance store visits, etc. 

Strategies To Implement With Location-Based SMS Advertising:

  • Use Web Forms For Securing Customer Information:

Also, you can use this webform to obtain the necessary customer details to help segment your list by location. This can include state, city, zip code, email id, etc. After gathering all the relevant information, you can segregate customers according to location. Additionally, you can send text messages only to members of a particular place. 

  • Adding Location-Specific Keywords:

Keywords are easy to set up with absolutely zero hassle. This can be beneficial for advertising or promoting your products and also, services among customers. Also, you can use keywords in your text messages, on receipts, and run Facebook campaigns

  • Use Area Codes:

An option for segmenting your list for location-based advertising is by segmenting your list through the area codes of their mobile numbers. In theory, people living in a certain geographical area have the same phone area code. This is a quick and also, easy way to send out sms to customers based upon the location. 

So, it is now a proven fact that location-based advertising gives marketers the advantage of knowing their customers’ behavior through accurate data. It is a tool to create highly targeted marketing campaigns that increase awareness about your brand, spike up sales, and also, promote loyal customer relationships. 

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