Innovative Ideas to Boost Your Business Growth

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As any man proficient in business will be able to tell you, sending SMSs to customers helps the business grow by leaps and bounds. It is a short and precise way of communication which is high on visibility. Therefore it is highly likely to generate quick responses from customers .Long story short, without getting into their mobile phones, there is no way to gain entry into their pockets. Look for an SMS service provider in Kolkata if this is where you are running your business. Localised help is best suited for this purpose because it makes the process faster, easier and a whole lot cheaper.

But the thing is selling old wine in a new bottle is not a particularly great idea. Innovation lies at the heart of success. Failing to come up with novel techniques will make you lag behind. But you need not fret for the task of brainstorming is not solely resting on your shoulders. Looking for assistance in the right place shall surely speed things along.

Here are some brief descriptions of innovative ideas to push forward your agenda :-
  • Link it up 
    Nowadays most phones are basically androids with active internet connection. So your messages need not be limited to simple texts. Putting in a direct link to your website can prove to be a great idea provided that the URL is not too lengthy. Shorten your URL and only then can you connect your customers to the vast array of goods and services you provide in a jiffy.
  • Keywords first
    The trick is to catch their attention and not let go until the relevant information has been transferred successfully. So if you put in the keywords with BLOCK letters at the beginning of the message it is a sure way of getting them hooked. It creates a sense of urgency and encourages rapid response.
  • Arrange Sweepstakes
    There are many kinds of promotional SMS in Kolkata. Of them what top the list are the ones announcing sweepstakes. Sweepstakes are events where you declare that you will give away some gift to your customers on the basis of what they have bought or sheer luck. Gifts can be either related to your business or totally unrelated- it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it should be something that will get people excited. Excitement basically means that the customers will not hesitate to give you their personal information which includes their contact numbers. Irrespective of whether they initially buy things from you or not, you will now be able to send them coupons and offer statements regularly. This is undoubtedly a great gain.