Is SMS Marketing Still In Use? Bulk SMS Business Scenario In 2022

SMS Marketing

Everybody aims to measure the existing effectiveness of bulk SMS service in Kolkata. No matter how many times said, SMS marketing is still not obsolete. Read more. 

Unlike other digital marketing channels, SMS marketing is not overtaking the business realm. But that doesn’t reduce its efficacy in the present landscape. The best SMS service provider in Kolkata states some significant facts about bulk SMS marketing. Hence, dive deep into this comprehensive blog. 

Is SMS Marketing Still On The Spotlight? 

Given below are some reasons that show how SMS marketing is never losing its importance. 

  • Some users still don’t own a smartphone

Yes, you heard that right! While the entire world has submerged itself into the fancy androids and iOS world, some customers are still not using them. In fact, looking at the existing situation of receiving or sending texts, nothing much has really changed. One does not require a smartphone to cost too much to send or receive messages. So, whether you are reading a text on a small keypad phone or an iPhone, the text still remains the same. 

  • Customers read SMS faster Emails and Whatsapp Messages 

An SMS reaches the phone directly, within seconds of sending. Moreover, the user receives a notification about the text and also opens it instantly. This is not the same for an email marketing text or even for Whatsapp. Because for both of them, customers must have a strong Internet connection. However, the 160 characters’ information doesn’t require the Internet and can reach your target audience anytime, anywhere. 

  • Opening rates are higher 

Users sitting inside their cubicles, working don’t have time to open their email and read. Instead, they keep on piling this and at the end of the day, they don’t! On the other hand, SMS marketing relatively has higher open rates. Because it pops up directly on the screen and also doesn’t take much time. Hence, SMS has now become the medium for reaching the masses in no time. 

Most Popular Types Of SMS Marketing 

  1. Business Updates 

SMS are a great way to keep your customers in the loop with every business information. 

  1. Flash Sales 

With high-speed delivery and massive open rates, SMS marketing is possibly the best way to promote flash sales. 

  1. Alerts 

Alerts regarding a product restock or launch becomes easy with bulk SMS.

  1. Coupon Delivery 

Everybody loves to save money and SMS is a perfect way to handle coupons to your consumers. 


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time that you start leveraging SMS marketing for your business strategies. Simply contact the best bulk SMS service provider in Kolkata, Web 2 SMS. We make sure to elevate your business and take it to the top. Get in touch with us soon!