Latest Spring Advertising Ideas For Bulk SMS Campaign & Its Relevance!

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Spring is already arriving! Marketers are looking for a wider approach to promote bulk SMS marketing in Kolkata. Let’s find out what the new season is welcoming. 

If you have a seasonal business, then there are a lot of things to keep in mind. You can conclude with a number of seasonal occasions for organizing additional marketing ideas. This will promote a sense of freshness in your communication with your prospective clients. Know what the best bulk SMS service in Kolkata has to say.

Spring Marketing Ideas With Bulk SMS Services:

Winter Clearance Sale

  • Winter marks the end of the year which means you are still left with a lot of items to sell. Organize a winter clearance sale where you offer your clients products at an affordable price. 
  • Inform your regular customers about the promotion in a series of 2 to 3 SMS. also, offer them spring promotion codes which can help them get products at cheaper rates. 
  • Your SMS must create an urge among the clients to purchase your items. 

A Special Promotion Among Regular Clients Is The Key

  • Retaining old customers is just as important as attracting new ones. Never neglect your real clients. Remember, present customers are likely to spend 31% more than the newer ones. They purchase 50% more on newer items.
  • 26% of clients tend to buy in places where there are chances of getting a reward. 68% of clients confirm that promo codes and coupons increase their trust and loyalty in specific brands. 

Conduct Promotions In Social Networking Channels

  • Once you are done notifying your clients about the promotions, try asking them for a review on your social media page. The general concept behind this is clients love people exactly like them. 
  • You must encourage your customers to write a positive comment about your goods by arranging a competition. Offering them a reward such as a coupon or a gift card encourages them greatly. 

Spring Specials And New Arrivals

  • Choose the most suitable spring service or goods your brand offers and launch its promotional campaign. Once the winter good sales, remove them completely from the site. 
  • Your next big step is to add spring content as well as design elements to the website. 

Ready-Made Spring Trends

  • Combining clothes, shoes and accessories is the latest trend. Try to adapt to it and offer stylish ready-made sets. This is very likely to attract clients to your brand. 


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