SMS Vs Push Notifications: Which is More Effective for Your Business?

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There has been a huge confusion between push notifications and sms. We will solve your doubts & give you a brief insight into the best bulk sms service provider.

Conventional marketing strategies are now taking a dip as online marketing regimes are grabbing all the eyeballs. With 5 billion people sending  SMS daily, ignoring SMS marketing as a key tool for brand promotion can be a huge loss. 

It can turn out to be difficult for brand businesses to choose between push notifications and smses. While push notifications are way cheaper, and sms reaches faster on any given day. Additionally, you need to have an internet connection to deliver push notifications. But sms can easily be delivered without the internet and feature phones are also accessible. Thus each of them has its own share of benefits and drawbacks.  It depends on brands to use it according to what fits their marketing strategy and how effective can these two be. 

Know from the mouth of experienced bulk sms service providers in India what will work best for your business? Sms or Push notification?

Positive Features of SMS:-

  • The greatest selling point of SMSes is that they are trustworthy and personal than any other form of communication. These messages are time-sensitive, bring in a sense of urgency, and are transactional. Be it for personal or professional use, text messages have higher open rates that reflect people’s trust in them. 
  • When you send a text message to your client, he will readily take note of it because the type of information sent consists of weather warnings, bank alerts, reminders for an important meeting or doctor’s appointment, etc. Thus your client is aware that sms has the power to influence his personal and professional life,  his health, and finances too. 
  • Transactional sms has also become equally important for guaranteeing the correct reports of your deliveries, packaging alerts, and even billing reminders. 

Positives of Push Notifications:

  • Push messages or notifications are effective in announcing deals, discounts,  coupons, or sales. Especially if you have an ecommerce store, push notifications will always help you spread the word about your products if there is any recent development. This ensures your clients are in the loop of the changes and it is also a great way to present them with interesting offers. 
  • If you have recently launched a new product, push notifications are best to promote it. You can lure customers to buy the product by either giving them free access to a few products. This will not only make your existing customers happy but will also help you gain new leads from active referrals. 
  • Push notifications also work best in case of recommendations and suggestions. You can also leverage push notifications to nudge your users to take an action. 

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