The Evolution Of SMS Marketing And Its Impacts On Consumers

SMS Marketing

Just like the revolution of technology, bulk SMS marketing in Kolkata has been evolving continuously. This blog is all about its impact on customers. So, read more.

It is due to technological evolutions that the establishment of new communication channels takes place. All of these channels focus on targeting potential customers. Out of all these practices, SMS marketing has always been an efficient one. This is why the demand for a bulk SMS service provider in Kolkata is always surging. 

What Makes SMS Marketing So Popular?

Many users find SMS an old-school approach in marketing when social media is doing so much. However, one cannot deny the fact that 99.5 per cent of industries use SMS texts for targeting their customers. According to research, SMS has an open rate of about 98 per cent. This means that customers read the maximum number of messages they receive on their mobile phones. Communication reaches directly and the brand becomes successful in advertising. 

Further details show that people open 83 per cent of the SMS within 3 minutes of the delivery. This adds to determining that the SMS channel is effective when you are running out of time. Hence, SMS helps in communicating information in case of a lesser time limit. 

Thirdly, SMS can be sent to almost all types of mobile devices. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are carrying a basic handset or a smartphone. You will still be receiving text messages. Brands find it easier since most customers do not have continuous Internet access or a fancy smartphone. 

Innovation In The Field Of SMS Marketing 

The way in which customers shop is evolving. As a result, the ways of marketing are also changing. The emergence of new ideas is overtaking primitive ones. While SMS marketing continues to be a reliable source of communication, its usage keeps pace with the revolution. 

10 years ago, SMS was just a medium to send information to consumers. Most of it was done manually. However, with APIs and other technologies coming in, SMS has become the greatest mode of advertising. 

It is due to the favour of APIs that enterprises can send SMS to customers on various occasions. Not only does it save time but also decreases the possibility of errors. The question remains how long will SMS marketing be the fastest and an effective mode of marketing? We are yet to witness its limitless possibilities. 


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