Things to Know About Promotional SMS Marketing

Things to Know About Promotional SMS MarketingBoth the services of Transactional and Promotional SMS in Kolkata are required to reach out to Bulk of customers in the shortest time span.

Today, SMS or Service Message Service has become the most popular form of communication. Most of the people get connected with each other by texting short or long messages more than hundred times a day. It is considered as the easiest and the most effective mode of interacting with each other. Since it is so much effective, most of the business establishments take the advantage of this for marketing their services and products. The service of Promotional SMS in Kolkata for marketing is considered as the swiftest as compared to the other services. The idea of SMS marketing may be fairly new but there are ample of reasons to prove its effectiveness. SMS marketing offers advantages not only to the businesses that send the messages but also to the establishments that choose to receive them. While most of the people are familiar with what this kind of marketing technique is like, sometimes they are not aware of the working technique of SMS marketing and what the future stores for it.

How it Works?

The businesses may ask the customers to get in touch with them via text messages for receiving something to for learning something new about the business. For example, ‘Type “CONTEST” to 12345 to get a chance of winning amazing gifts’. Here, the word ‘contest’ is the message that must be typed in and then has to be sent to 12345 which is the short-code that is associated for sending the message to that business. When this message is sent, this means the customers have agreed to the terms and conditions of the establishment and have allowed the business to send the promotional messages via SMS. It is similar to the mailing list for marketing products and services of a business. For taking the advantages of this marketing type, businesses employ some services that collect the contact numbers for sending out promotional messages in bulks.

There are Several Benefits Found by the Businesses from the Promotional Type of Messages:-

People Go Through their Texts:- The number of customers who use text messages is extremely high. But, the speed with which the messages are read by the customers is more important for marketing purpose. On researching, it has been found that 95 percent of people open and read the received text messages in three minutes of receiving it.

Allows Businesses to Send the Coupons or Notifications Regarding the Special Events:- These kinds of messages can be sent to the listed numbers frequently in order to remind them. The customers can also be informed about other promotions including sales. It is easier to send these promotional messages to people in bulks and in a timely fashion.

Location Marketing:- When the GPS location services are enabled by the users of the smartphones, the businesses keep a track on them and when they are found somewhere near the business location, they are sent messages about the stores, latest stocks in the store, etc.

For small and big businesses, both the services of the promotional and Transactional SMS in Kolkata are the most powerful tools. These two types of messages are the parts of bulk SMS.