Why Schools and Colleges Need To Use Transactional SMS in Kolkata ?

transactional sms in Kolkata


No one should be abandoned from the privilege of education. Education is essential; knowledge is empowering.  As Malcolm X rightly said, ” Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today..” Only with education, we would be able to make a better future. However, in the age of technology and science, schools and colleges should also take a step forward and get to the field of digital marketing. No, not for business, but it can help a lot of people, and it can educate millions. The most popular forms of digital marketing are social media marketing and Transacational SMS in kolkata

Social media marketing is using different social media platforms to post things, especially promoting a business. But, with education, it is different. Schools and colleges can use social media to post different things other than posting about their fees or admissions open notices. However, social media marketing has one major disadvantage, and that is it needs an internet connection.  Yes, almost everyone owns a phone.  But, not everyone owns a Smartphone or computer, and not everyone can afford an internet connection. This is when SMS marketing kicks in.  Read on to know more about how Transactional SMS in Kolkata is suitable for the education system.

What is Transactional Sms?

Transactional SMS in kolkata are the messages which a group or institute sends to give access to general information. For example, when you do online shopping, you get information about your bill, shipping details, etc.- that is transactional SMS

How Should School And Colleges Need To Use Transactional Sms in kolkata?

If the educational industry uses transactional SMS in kolkata, then it can benefit a lot of people. There are many ways it can be used. Here are some of them :

• Knowledge:  They can use this to circulate different interesting facts, general learning, quizzes, trivia, puzzles, etc.
• Revision questions: They can also use transactional SMS to send two or three items from the syllabus every day. It will help the students stay up to date about their curriculum.
• Urgent notice: Maybe critical news has to be circulated quickly, but there’s not enough time to print it. Send it through SMS and people will know.

These are some ways on how transactional SMS can be advantageous for the educational industry. You can buy bulk SMS from resellers. The best bulk SMS reseller service provider is Web2sms. Browse through their websites to know more.