Utilize Missed Call Service and SMS Marketing for Your Business

Missed call services and campaigns are the fastest and easiest way to know the demand of your customers. This will help you to increase your customers by up to 60%.

missed call service

You have to keep in mind that when you receive a missed call, it can be a potential customer. Through missed call services, you can attract customers from some remote areas where the internet service is not so satisfactory. You can enlarge your business with the help of a single missed call marketing number.

Following TRAI guidelines, you cannot make contact with DND customers. So, to avoid legal nuisance, it is better to provide them with your missed call marketing number to ask for their permission or whether they are interested in your product.

Some steps to follow:

  • Produce your missed call number and publish it in various newspapers and advertisements.
  • If you receive a missed call, it can be your starting point
  • You should use missed call reminders to ensure that you do not miss a single customer.

Missed calls automatically get disconnected and for the customers, it is the easiest solution. Through missed call services, the customer information gathering becomes hassle-free.

SMS marketing is nothing but using this medium of text messages to reach out to potential customers for business purposes. If you want to attract your customers, waiting for them to come to you would not help. You have to be proactive and need to find ways to draw the attention of your customers.

You need to find potential customers to send SMS. If you continuously send SMS to random people, your SMS credit will be lesser and you cannot achieve the ultimate goal. First, you need to ensure who are interested and who is not. For that, you should ask permission to make contact with them and gather information about their interest in your business product.

SMS marketing is very effective. Most of the people have access to smartphones nowadays. SMS is the most convenient way to reach out to them. But, You need to make sure that you send SMSes to people at the right time between 9 AM to 9 PM and in any way, it should not irritate them.

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