What Makes WhatsApp Business A Rage Among Marketers?

whatsapp marketing services

WhatsApp marketing in Kolkata is the new-age business tool to take your business forward. So, get acquainted with its salient features here. 

WhatsApp Business is a free-to-download app for Android and iPhone users. This application eases customer interaction by automating several actions and has a far higher response rate. This is the reason why entrepreneurs use whatsapp marketing services in Kolkata to make their business renowned. 

What makes communication through whatsApp business different from other modes of marketing is you get to personalize and customize your chat with labels. Veterans in the business world suggest that not using whatsapp for sales will make you lose out on scaling possibilities.  You can create your company profile using the following features:

  • Cover photo
  • Area of work
  • Description
  • Location
  • Working hours
  • Link to your website
  • Product catalog

Your presence in WhatsApp signifies you are a modern business open to direct and personal communication with their customers. Whatsapp marketing in India has been very successful and the companies using this service have been benefitting ever since. 

WhatsApp Business Has The Following Automations:

  • The WhatsApp Away message automatically responds to customers if they write to you in a period you have marked as unavailable.
  • The WhatsApp Greeting message as the name states greets your customers when they initiate the conversation and write to you.
  • It is Quick replies let you create templates that you can use while chatting. These are common answers or phrases which you will be able to access and send out by entering the / symbol in the chat.
  • WhatsApp labels structure and visually mark your customers according to the labels you create. It helps you understand the current communication stage of each customer. For example, it could be ‘New customer’ or ‘Invoice sent’.

Channel For Sales, Marketing, And Support

With WhatsApp Business you will get a new communication channel where you are able to do:

  • Sales from the first point of contact up until an invoice sent and a completed payment
  • Marketing using broadcast and groups as well as media such as videos, pictures, and gifs.
  • Support in WhatsApp is fast and convenient and customers prefer it compared to writing an email or calling the company.

Thus, having good customer rapport will help you achieve more sales, promote your business successfully. 

There are several advantages of WhatsApp messages. The best thing is that Whatsapp is used quite abundantly by the younger generation. So, if you wish to catch their attention, Whatsapp messaging is the perfect platform. For more support on SMS marketing and WhatsApp marketing in india, you can get in touch with Web2SMS for the perfect implementation.