Why Should You Make Use Of Transactional SMS?

A transactional SMS in Kolkata refers to an automated SMS message that triggers a customer for giving a response. Read this blog to know more about it. 

Banks offer a great instance of transactional messaging in action. They have the responsibility of sending one-time pins to their clients. It is popularly known as an OTP SMS service. Some examples show how transactional SMSes help in improving processes, checking account balances, etc. 

Why Is Transactional SMS So Effective?

  1. Time-sensitive

Transactional messages are automated. As a result, they are time-sensitive. Moreover, these messages pave the way for prompting the delivery of significant messages. One can send these messages instantly in response to a predetermined trigger. And there is absolutely no need for manual input. 

  1. Enhances customer engagement 

Transactional messages are more than just alerts or notifications. They also help you establish a secure communication channel between brands and their clients. Hence, a client receiving regular updates about a significant delivery is the same client who feels comfortable with your service. 

  1. Reliable 

According to some reliable sources, more than 98 percent of SMSer have an opening rate. As a result, transactional messages are very reliable for imparting information that other mediums cannot. Also, it is a great mode of communication for maximum brands. 

  1. Availability

Finally, SMS comes with a standard feature on all mobile phones across the globe. It is the perfect solution for maximum brands to communicate with their most potential customers. Clients, in return, gain access to regular data about the products and services they are using. 

Instances Of Transactional SMS 

My Gadget Repairs has been creating an SMS integration that allows business managers to send automated texts and alerts. Customers, suppliers, and even staff can be the recipient of the MGR software. Their optimization of transactional SMS helps to keep their clients up-to-date on the progress of their work. It also allows a streamlined in-store procedure between the suppliers and staff. 

Service and Technique S.A is a Swiss company that specializes in digital solutions. It has integrated SMS into its software which can monitor HVAC systems. Moreover, the integration enables sending of alerts to technicians whenever there is an urgent requirement. 

FlySafair owns an integrated SMS system that has its personal online reservation platform. One can easily make a booking and even change the flight schedule. The use of transactional SMS helps in time-critical communication with suitable passengers. 


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