Why SMS Marketing Is Still Profitable For Your Business?

SMS has always been the form for most direct contact between a business and the consumer. Even in these days of social media, data shows that SMS marketing is more effective in benefitting both the consumer and the business owner. Bulk SMS marketing still holds muster and is very necessary for businesses to approach the consumers through direct SMS. Here are a few reasons why SMS marketing is still important in the coming years.

SMS marketing in Kolkata

  • Direct to the consumer – People do not really leave their homes without their mobile phones anymore. Connecting a business to its consumer base is easily facilitated by this. But you can’t really call your customer all the time. SMS solves all those problems. It appeals directly to the consumer.
  • Simple to operate – Every person in the world has a few hundred e-mails that he has not read, Thousands of Facebook notifications that he has ignored. But an unread text message is a rarity. SMS is always a compact and short information packet, that helps convey the point of the business to its consumer.
  • Immediate response – Designing a post for social media or planning an elaborate advertisement campaign takes a considerable amount of time. Sending bulk SMS to the consumers cuts down this wait period as you can send it from your own mobile phone. So this way, not only are you saving a bit of time but also getting the immediate response of the consumers.
  • Trackable leads – Top players in the SMS marketing world will provide you with details on who, when and what of the links. They can give you a detailed report on which links have been clicked on by which person so as a business you can easily follow-up on that.
  • Easy on the pocket – SMS marketing is still the cheapest form of bulk marketing possible for you. Even if you are a small business, you can invest a little amount of money and generally get a substantial return on investment through SMS marketing.

SMS marketing in Kolkata is still is a very fruitful sector and businesses are gaining good traction with their customers in this form of marketing. Web2SMS is a bulk SMS service provider and one of the best in the field. If you are looking to make your business a little more famous opt for them today.