Your Complete Guide to WhatsApp Business App Features

WhatsApp Business App Features

With WhatsApp marketing gaining prominence, the instant messaging service introduced WhatsApp Business App. Let’s take a dive into it

WhatsApp marketing is the best way of mobile marketing that has proved profitable for most businesses. Bulk WhatsApp marketing through texts, audio, videos, and images are playing a huge role in attracting potential customers. Economical, reliable, and ease of use, make WhatsApp marketing in Kolkata a key practice to generate leads.

So, finally, Whatsapp has launched its much-awaited Business app. It allows customers to stay in touch with their partners, clients, and even know about their competitors. Also, it is no brainer that android phone is essential to use this application. But the best part is it is absolutely free.

What exactly is Whatsapp Business?

WhatsApp Business application allows you to create a profile for your brand or business. You can add your business information like physical address, email ids, list products, prioritize the brand’s USP, etc.

Key Features of Whatsapp Business App:-

Whatsapp Marketing in India is emerging every day as the platform has the best engagement rates. With the new WhatsApp Business, users will experience a surge in their sales.

Listing Down the Most Essential Features of the App:

Messaging Tool:-

Easy messaging tools such as quick replies enhance and ease the process of communication between customers and business owners. You can save your time by availing three types of scheduled messages that the app offers.

  • Custom Schedule message
  • Out-of business hour options
  • Always send messages

Apart from these, you can greet your clients through their Greeting Message option. For a first time visitor or an inactive client, make them feel special with a greeting message.

Add Business Profile:-

Through your business address, your clients can directly view the location using Google maps. Furthermore, you can easily add your business email id and two additional URLs as per your requisite.

Messaging Statistics:-

Get a clear picture of the trends and review simple metrics to see what is working in favor. You can track the number of messages sent, delivered, read, and received.

Account Type:-

Your profile will be listed as a business profile. So, all your potential customers and existing ones should know your account type. Once the app checks your authenticity, you will be enlisted as a Confirmed Account.

WhatsApp Web:-

You can easily send and receive messages using WhatsApp Business on your desktop.

Running Simultaneous Apps:-

With two different numbers listed for the existing WhatsApp messaging and the current WhatsApp business, you can operate both simultaneously.

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