Advantages of Promotional and Transactional SMS Marketing

Advantages of Promotional and Transactional SMS MarketingBulk SMS marketing is the most effective marketing tool now in Kolkata. Both the promotional and Transactional SMS in Kolkata are included in bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS marketing helps to connect to the mass of customers at once instead of sending the messages individually to every new and existing customer. There are mainly two types of bulk SMS, promotional and transactional. Both the SMS types include different types of messages sent to the audiences for different purposes. But both the promotional and the Transactional SMS in Kolkata are used for targeting different kinds of audiences for marketing products and services. Going through the details of the transactional and promotional SMS marketing would help in choosing the right SMS marketing gateway according to the business requirement.

Transactional SMS:- The messages that are sent to the audiences with the purpose of passing on important information about the services and products of the business to the audiences are termed as the transactional SMSs. The messages are used for transactional routes. Transactional messages are sued for sending OPTs, booking alerts, order alerts, and other informational messages to the customers. These messages are delivered to all the DND and the non-DND registered customers. For example, messages containing confidential financial information like informing the client regarding cash transfer and payment details.

Advantages of Transactional SMS:

The Advantages of Transactional SMS are Listed out Here:-

  • These messages can be even sent to the DND numbers
  • Transactional messages are sent in no time in case of emergency
  • In comparison to the promotional messages, the transactional messages can be shared with the audiences at any time.

Promotional SMS:- The primary purpose to send promotional messages is to check the thoughts or plans to market effectively in order to get the modest solutions in the perfect way. Promotional SMSs are sent with the objective to promote the products and services of the business. Promotional messages can be sent from 9 AM to 9 PM and to the contact numbers that are not there in the DND register.

Some Examples of Promotional SMS are Here:-

  • Dear customer, heartiest congratulations on behalf of our team. We have already mailed you the dining voucher with 30% discount on buffet and food. Valid till next Sunday. Show this SMS and avail the offer.
  • Get 20% OFF on your first purchase. Create an account with us and avail our exclusive offers.
  • Join us and be the first one to know about our products and special offers, sales, events, giveaways and more. Text ‘ABCDE’ to 12345.

What are the Features of Promotional SMS Marketing?

The Features of Promotional SMS Marketing are Mentioned Below:-

  • In this one, the sender ID is generated using the dynamic sender number
  • The normal gateway facility and high priority are provided in this type of SMS
  • In promotional SMSs, multiple gateways are simply assigned automatically

Both the transactional and the Promotional SMS in Kolkata are vital for marketing purposes. These are used to get in touch with the largest number of customers in instantly.