Send Transactional SMS to the Right Audience at the Right Time

Send Transactional SMS to the Right Audience at the Right TimeThe best service provider of Transactional SMS in Kolkata must be reached out to grow your business by informing the right set of audience at the right time.  

With the increase in the speed and quantity of messaging, it has become indispensable to deliver quality information to the common public at the right moment. Transactional SMS in Kolkata has come to the forefront for this purpose. The service providers assist in sending the right information about products and services to the right set of audience at the exact time. The greatest advantage of transactional SMS is that these messages can be sent 24*7 along with the sender ID.

Transactional SMS Service Depends on the Following:-

Transactional messages are template based SMSs. Uncountable number of such templates can be created for delivering to the general public. One only needs the approval of the SMS service provider and then it will be possible to get started with sending information or alert messages to the audience.

Why the Transactional SMS Gateways are considered to Be Better?

  • Ability to send SMS to the DND registered numbers as well.
  • Sending emergency information to audience is possible with the transactional bulk SMS.
  • Unlike the promotional SMS that suffer from the time constraint, these types of messages can be sent any time of the day and night, without any time restriction.
  • Free API for integrating in the software. Paying for the SMS credits can help one to enable the IP authentication to blacklist server IP.
  • Push delivery report alternative is available

Sending informative messages to the right audience is quite simple, convenient and quick. The top Bulk SMS Reseller Service Provider along with its expert team assists in the most expedient delivery of the information to the public. With informative messages or alert SMSs, the SMS marketing teams can also send vital notifications to the audience. Transactional SMS is used to send information related to business, updates, information to the team members, payment reminders, stock updates, bank alerts, hired vehicle intimation, online shopping, ticket booking updates, offer to the opt-in members, and membership management. For instance, Railways can utilize the alert messages for sending the PNR status. Banks and the other financial organizations can notify the public about the balance that is either credited or debited to their accounts. The educational institutes can use transactional messages for notifying urgent information to the students and their parent.

How Transactional SMS is used in India?

It is understood that the bulk SMS content that can be approved from beforehand as a template that is set up with single or multiple variable. If the content of the SMS or the template is configured with variables, then one may avail transactional SMS gateway from the service provider. All the SMS content can be approved in advance and can be stored as the template with the essential variable. One can send the SMS with that template.