Bulk SMS Marketing A More Profitable Option Than Traditional Marketing?

Want to know how bulk SMS service in Kolkata is a much more profitable option than traditional marketing? Then, read this blog and dig into some crucial details. 

Every other business owner wants quick and effective results that are also very affordable. Traditional advertisements such as radio, television or billboards are no longer a preference by the entrepreneurs. They are heading over to the best bulk SMS service provider in India for all good reasons. 

BULK SMS Marketing Vs Traditional Advertising: A Comparison

  1. SMS Over Phone Calls? 

Brand owners are understanding the drawbacks of cold calling and no longer want to include it in their marketing strategies. Communicating with the customers can often be intrusive and might end up annoying them. But that’s not the case with SMS. Since it has an option to opt-in opt-out as they wish, clients like to receive promotional messages instead of calls. 

  1. SMS Vs Emails

Bulk SMS services offering open rates are much higher than emails. This is because of three main reasons:

  • It gets delivered in just a fraction of seconds
  • Reaches directly to the phone and does not need a specific application
  • Do not need an internet connection to view the messages

Hence, SMS offers a great engagement rate in comparison to any other channel. All text messages go directly to the recipient’s mobile inbox. 

  1. Newspaper Advertising Vs SMS 

The costs involved in promoting your brand through newspaper advertisements are much higher than bulk SMS marketing. Unlike newspaper advertising, you can easily customize the messages as their preferences. The biggest benefit is that bulk SMS has higher readability than other tools. 

Why Should Your Business Choose Bulk SMS Services? 

Every brand wants a marketing option that requires less investment. And bulk SMS does just that. You can easily optimize bulk SMS in your marketing campaign either through software or service providers. Besides, you don’t need additional experience or qualifications to optimize bulk SMS for your business. 

Also, you can save a lot of time by focussing on your core business. You do not have to think about reaching the customers in an effective way. Connecting to your potential clients via short messages allows you to maintain a constant touch with them. 

Finally, bulk SMS generates immediate sales. Moreover, you do not have to wait for a long time to analyze the progress of the marketing campaign. Just within a few days, you will achieve a clear idea about your marketing strategy. 


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