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Tips To Select An SMS Service Provider For Your Brand

Choosing A Business SMS Service Provider

Do you own a promotional SMS service in Kolkata? Then, you must be looking for a good service provider for your business. Here is how you can quickly get one. 

The use of SMS was first done in 1992. However, SMS is still very much in demand despite being the oldest method of communication. Text messaging has always been the most dependable mode of communication. With bulk promotional SMS service in India, it has become easier for brands. 

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What Help Does Text Messaging Service Provide To Healthcare?

Bulk SMS Marketing For Health And Wellness

Ever since the pandemic, the healthcare domain has been transforming. With the use of bulk promotional SMS in Kolkata, its popularity is increasing. Know more.

With COVID-19 restrictions, various industries are normalizing virtual meetings. Hence, the healthcare industry is no exception. They are opting for digital appointments to redefine public health amidst the pandemic. Further, the incorporation of bulk SMS marketing in Kolkata into wellness reaps great benefits.

5 Ways To Use Text Messaging For Healthcare

  • Automating online appointments 

Text messages update patients, thereby reducing appointment no-shows by 40 percent. Moreover, it becomes easy for them to book services with the help of automated scheduling.  The option of easily rescheduling via text message allows no-shows. Hence, with the use of automation, you are saving time by not having to make manual changes. 

  • Staying compliant with patient privacy 

Once you choose a secure text messaging platform, you will get access to HIPAA-compliant services. Getting a secure messaging application with administrative functions is not a big deal anymore. With experts like Web 2 SMS, send as well as receive messages. So that you don’t have to stress about your patient’s privacy. 

  • Sharing healthcare tips 

Bulk SMS texts are a natural way to communicate with your clients. Reaching out regularly with useful tips and information builds a stronger relationship with your clients. Moreover, optimizing SMS messages to share healthcare tips is a powerful way to show your clients that you care. You can also add a personal touch by customizing the texts according to every customer’s needs. 

  • Streamlining customized wellness communication

Bulk texting allows caregivers as well as patients to use rule-based texting. This helps to send messages about post-discharge care instructions or health coaching. Further, it helps them remain on track with their customized healthcare plans and recommendations. Additionally, daily text messaging invites have shown an increase in medication adherence by up to 68 percent. 

  • Encourage participation from patients 

Finally, make an initiative to offer health tips or invitations to community wellness events. You can also recommend certain preventive screenings. By sending such texts on their desired channel of text messaging, they are likely to engage with your recommendations. 

Both patients and wellness customers expect personal communication through text messaging. Incorporating these tips into your practice makes it easier for them to receive timely information. It also has other sets of benefits for the clients. 


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The Benefits Of SMS Marketing In Improving Hotel Booking Ratios

bulk sms marketing

The hotel industry is possibly one of the industries that have benefited from bulk promotional SMS in Kolkata. In this blog, you will discover more about it.

1984 was the year when the concept of SMS marketing first came into existence. Ever since that, it has been proving its competency in several industries. However, the hotel industry has been able to enjoy the biggest benefits of a promotional SMS service in Kolkata. Why don’t you have a look at them?

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How Can Text SMS Marketing Be Used To Promote Music in India?

90% of people feel the need to reply to texts, making SMS the most popular data service worldwide. Ask your sms marketing service provider for tips to promote artists. 

According to research, 75% of consumers prefer bulk promotional sms in kolkata to other types of direct marketing. 

For a freelance musician, text messaging is a more efficient and practical form of contact. Independent artists might benefit from SMS text marketing if they wish to grow their fan base. As a mobile marketing tool, SMS has been found to prompt answers and communication between customers and brands. The email open rate can go up by 30% because it is more personalised and can remind the audience to read their email. Why, therefore, haven’t independent artists take advantage of the many advantages that come with employing this method of brand communication? 

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Why Is SMS Marketing Effective For Cafes, Bars And Restaurants?

SMS marketing for cafes

The hospitality industry is greatly benefiting from bulk SMS service in Kolkata. If you want to know how effective SMS marketing is for restaurants, read this blog. 

Not only businesses but banks and eCommerce companies are also using bulk SMS. Today, even the hospitality sector like cafes, caterers and bars are optimizing promotional SMS service in Kolkata. The reason is that it helps to engage directly with staff and drive up loyalty. 

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