Chalk Out The Difference Between Promotional And OTP SMS Service

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Get to know about promotional & OTP SMS- their uses and differences. Leverage the power of bulk promotional sms service for your business awareness. 

From the time cellular phones came into being, messaging has been very much in trend. So It is still one of the most primitive modes of communication. And hence this rising popularity. From professional to personal usage, SMS has always been the most common type of communication method.  SMS marketing is a traditional way of providing information. And it creates brand advertisements. Broadly speaking SMS can be divided into Promotional SMS and transactional SMS. You need to contact your SMS service provider to understand when to use what and how your business can benefit from it.

Promotional SMS is a medium for marketing. And transactional SMS on the other hand gives you information about a particular product or service. The primary reason for their success is the ease of accessibility, convenience, and user-friendliness.  In the digital world, both transactional and promotional messages have their own significance.   

A Brief About OTP And Promotional SMS Service:

  • OTP SMS Services: Apart from these two OTP SMS services have become fairly popular too. OTP (One-Time-Password) SMS  is an automatically generated string of numeric characters used to verify a particular transaction. An OTP SMS service provider in India ensures that these messages reach your customers on time. As they have high priority and maximum urgency, there is hardly any delay in sending these messages. Used by financial institutions when you carry out any cash transitions. Also, OTP services are common when you shop online. 
  • Promotional SMS Services: This refers to branding and advertisement of any product or service to customers. It contains information about general users. Hence it increases customer engagement. As there is a limit to writing 160 characters only, marketers need to input relevant information and to the point. Bulk promotional SMS service in India helps brands to make customers aware of discounts, coupon codes, offers, and vouchers. 

Major Differences Between the OTP and Promotional SMS:

  • You can send OTP SMS to all numbers and there are no restrictions. However, in the case of promotional messages, you can send them only to non-DND numbers.
  • On a priority basis, OTP SMS is given maximum importance.  While OTP SMS services are fast since it itself is sent to users for validation. Thus the response time is less. There is no such provision for promotional messages. 
  • You can send promotional SMS from morning 9 a.m to 9 p.m at night. OTP SMS imposes no such rule. 

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