Clever Ways To Optimize SMS Marketing For The Hospitality Sector

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Bulk promotional SMS in Kolkata is benefitting tons of industries around the world. Here’s how you can optimize bulk SMS for the food and hospitality sector. 

Brands are not only using SMS marketing for attracting new customers, but also for brand promotions. Despite the rise of innumerable communication channels like Facebook, SMS Marketing is still the primary communication channel. Studies suggest that bulk messages have a 98 percent open rate. 

Tips To Use SMS Marketing For The Food And Hospitality Sector

  1. Improves customer satisfaction 

SMS is extremely beneficial for improving your consumer service levels. For instance, try sending a text message to your customer. Make sure to notify them that their room is ready to occupy. This will give them complete information along with easy communication. You can also notify customers about their dinner or lunch menu. 

  1. Check-In And Check-Out 

Secondly, one can integrate the complete check-in and check-out procedure by SMS. These days, a lot of hotels automate their check-in as well as the check-out process. Thus, integrating it with SMS is quite simple. 

  1. Reservation 

One can integrate a strong SMS API with their reservations software. It eases down the process of restaurant booking as well as a hotel reservations. Thus, with the help of SMS, one can update and send notifications of other solutions. Even during emergency changes, you can simply inform your customers via simple texts. 

  1. Offering Exclusive Discounts 

Undoubtedly, SMS has become the most cost-efficient marketing tool for both the food and hospitality industries. It is helping them to drive customers to your spa and restaurants. All they need to do is use a simple promotional SMS campaign. 

What Are The Other Industries Taking Advantage Of Bulk SMS Marketing? 

  • Healthcare 

Undeniably, the healthcare industry remains on top of the list. As a healthcare provider, you can optimize SMS marketing for offering your clients appointment reminders. Moreover, it can also be useful for helping with operations and keeping your audience’s radar screen. 

  • Entertainment Venues 

Everything from email marketing to SMS marketing is extremely useful for entertainment venues. A lot of people optimize junk email accounts to deal with extensive spam. This indicates that your email announcements can sometimes be ignored. 

  • Real Estate Brokers 

You require a marketing platform that is both portable and efficient. Seasonal offers or updates on the current market can be easily sent while you are still relaxing. Furthermore, providing SMS information on your brokerage signs for your prospective buyers to instantly receive a video tour. 


If you have any of these industries, then optimizing transactional SMS in Kolkata is a great idea. Contact Web2SMS and integrate the most reliable SMS services. Without an iota of doubt, they are the best bulk SMS service provider in India.