Way To Safeguard Your Customers: SMS OTP Verification Services

For providing customers with overall protection, two-factor authentication has become the norm. Read this blog about the OTP SMS verification service in Kolkata and know more. 

OTP SMS service is an authentication code that lasts temporarily and is usually sent via SMS. Any user with a registered mobile number can easily receive it when he logs in to any app. Moreover, OTP also allows you to make online transactions without worrying about privacy. 

Who Optimizes SMS OTP Verification? 

Typically, any financial, as well as banking institution, can make use of the OTP services. Prior to any transaction, OTPs can be a great way of user verification. However, this is not the only use of OTPs though. Some of its other applications also include:

  1. Avoiding fake users or IDS by verifying them during the registration process
  2. Secondly, ensuring corrupt entities cannot change the passwords of users
  3. A user that has become dormant for an extended time can easily request to reauthenticate via OTP
  4. When users log in via a new device or IP, you can ask them to authenticate their identity with OTP
  5. eCommerce handles often request customers to verify the pre-paid deliveries of high-value goods through OTPs

Is SMS The Perfect Medium For OTP Verification? 

For consumers, SMS is one of the most convenient ways to authenticate. Additionally, every user today has a mobile device that can easily receive text messages. SMS is not only free to receive but also easy to use. The technology has been present for more than 25 years and mobile phone customers are comfortable with it. Also, it offers tons of advantages for enterprises. 

  • Offers great security: Unlike passwords, SMS OTPS only last for a while, thereby protecting users from later abuse. Since they are sent to the registered mobile number of a user, there are lesser chances of interception. 
  • Light-fast delivery speed: By using SMS OTP verification, one can rest assured of the delivery of codes. Moreover, the speed with which it delivers text is unbelievable. 
  • Reduced latency: SMS OTP is exclusively instant. Thus, customers can receive messages within 3-8 seconds of dismissal. 
  • Higher reading rates: SMS are more prone to reading unlike email or any other app notifications. Since they directly reach the mobile phone, users get a notification instantly. 

All your brand needs to do is request the user to authenticate by tapping on the “verify” button. They are most likely to get an OTP which is generated in your website’s backend system. 


With these simple steps, you can save both yourself and your users from potential cyber threats. To know more such useful information on bulk text messages, contact Web2SMS. They are the biggest OTP SMS service provider in India.