Combating The Different Sets Of Challenges In SMS Marketing

Today, SMS marketing is gaining momentum and also has a wide range of challenges. If you are a bulk SMS reseller in Kolkata, make sure you know these points. 

We are dwelling in a time when humans are inseparable from their mobile phones. Users have got into the habit of checking their phones constantly. As a result, the growth of SMS marketing is visible. Read this blog till the end and discover what are the complexities in bulk SMS marketing in Kolkata.

Common Challenges You’ll Find In SMS Marketing 

  1. They are not entirely conversational 

SMS marketing can get your business top-of-mind only when your customers develop a relationship with you. Otherwise, they would simply neglect it if they feel detached from your texts. Being considered “spammy” is the last thing you would ever want to sound like. So, don’t just bombard your customers with sales pitches. Make sure to use the 160-character limit and encourage a conversation with them. You can employ a reply option that will help live and automated responses. 

  1. It is controlled strictly 

Secondly, it is an opt-in-based text message program, which simply means you need permission from your customers. You cannot just send texts to anyone and trigger them to block your service. A classic example is the popular pizza chain Papa John, which faced a $25 million lawsuit for sending messages to customers without consent. The opt-in function is present for a reason. Simply follow the law and you won’t land up in trouble. 

  1. You need time to develop a customer database

Developing a customer list is not only significant but also time-consuming. You will need a considerable number of clients to get a good amount of opt-ins. When someone purchases your product or service, ask whether they want to receive updates from you. You can also combine a subscription link if you have a website where your visitors can add their mobile numbers. Moreover, the most ideal time to launch your SMS campaign is when you create a sizable number of opt-ins. 

  1. Lacks personalization

Finally, in the case of SMS marketing, you will find very less personalizations. Sending a text that reaches straight to an individual’s mobile phone tends to be personal. But even your clients know well that marketers send text messages in bulk. As a result, you have to reach out to more audiences in very less time. You can optimise generic texts as well as templates for making the entire procedure mechanical. 


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