Mobile Marketing Techniques: Bulk SMS & Conversational Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing emerged as a crucial component of effective product advertising. Here, we will introduce you to the benefits of conversational marketing & bulk SMS marketing. 

Conversational marketing offers individualised communications that customers want to interact with rather than shoving advertisements in their faces. Apart from this, low cost bulk voice call in Kolkata is rapidly expanding as advertisers highlight all of the advantages it offers. 

Conversational marketing: what is it?

The majority of businesses spend hundreds of dollars and hours looking for fresh leads. That will only result in you wasting your energy on a lead pipeline that serves no purpose. 

Giving customers a tailored, one-on-one experience is the main goal of conversational marketing. However, if you have hundreds or thousands of followers, it may seem hard to respond to every message individually.

To fill up the gaps, companies deploy conversational marketing techniques. 45% of organisations utilise time-saving chat solutions like bots (and preserve their sanity). After all, you don’t want to personally respond to 500 messages. The future of marketing lies in two-way exchanges. Additionally, you can use conversational marketing to advance your brand by providing clients with the customised experience they desire.


  • Using conversational marketing is also a breeze for omnichannel engagement. Conversational marketing bots do the work for you if you need to chat with customers on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS, or webchat.
  • Although engagement is excellent, you want leads, don’t you? To gather data, conversational marketing develops one-on-one messages with interested users.

What do you know about bulk SMS reseller service India?

Major messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have started using audio messaging in recent years for efficient communication. It is easy to assume why Whatsapp is so popular given that there were 200 million users in just one year. Voice SMS services in Kolkata are helping a variety of business operations expand.

SMS gateway service providers claim that you have the opportunity to assess and monitor the campaign’s outreach. Real-time SMS delivery reports let you gauge its performance. You may take it a step further by including search metrics in addition to this.

You may easily draw your customers’ attention by making text files like movies, photos, PDFs, and also spreadsheets readily available. Furthermore, you are certain of a higher response rate when you create discount coupons, discounts, and referrals.


  • By automating tasks and also sending out mass messages, you may reduce your manual effort. By sending shortcodes via SMS gateway, SMS API (Application Program Interface) connects the web and telecommunications networks.
  • Bulk SMS marketing programmes that are carefully planned put your brand’s exclusivity first and expand the reach of your company. 

Final Words

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