Common Errors To Prevent While Using Bulk SMS For Business

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Bulk SMS marketing in Kolkata is the transfer of tons of messages to the customer’s mobile phones. However, there are some mistakes that one should avoid. 

In the present day, brands usually face a lot of challenges for surviving such as new technology and globalization. With the help of an established bulk SMS reseller in Kolkata, brands can easily promote their offerings. However, if you don’t want to lose your subscribers, there are some things you should know. 

Usual Mistakes One Must Prevent When Optimizing Bulk SMS 

  • Not leveraging it for marketing

One of the most beneficial ways of advertising is mobile marketing, especially SMS messages. Top-notch industries such as Naivas Supermarket and Safaricom leverage SMS for marketing. However, small brands don’t do it usually. They keep on investing in the optimization of word of mouth which also has certain loopholes. 

  • Lengthy and confusing processes 

Customers usually run short of time. As a result, they expect text messages to be quick, simple and informative. Thus, make sure to include an easy-to-follow call to action with your SMS campaign. This will surely increase your brand exposure. 

  • Lack of a CTA on their promotions 

A common error made by business owners is failing to include a call to action in their promotions. This is, undeniably, an effective part of marketing through bulk SMS. The key purpose of sending a bulk text is to ask your clients to take an action. If they miss any of this, your marketing campaign will be completely useless. 

  • Lack of consideration

Never forget to include consideration while sending messages to your customers. Because bulk SMS always have an impact on the receiver. Hence, it is in your hands to make the influence either positive or negative. 

  • Poor timings 

When sending bulk text messages, nothing can be more annoying than bad timings. Imagine you receive a promotional text at midnight while you are deep sleeping. Will you ever opt for that brand in the future? Obviously, no! This is what poor timing does to your brand marketing. Hence, be very particular about the timings because you are representing your business altogether. 

  • Working with an unreliable bulk SMS service provider

Depending on reckless bulk message service provider will never do you good. Make sure to be very cautious while choosing one. Trustworthy companies like Web 2 SMS often with the best bulk text messaging services. They serve every company from small to big. 


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