Comprehending The Difference Between OTP SMS & Transactional SMS

When it comes to digital marketing, some people choose transactional SMS. While others opt for an OTP SMS service in Kolkata. Let’s dive deep into the blog. 

A transactional SMS in Kolkata is mainly sent for informative purposes. For example, to notify clients about their payment status or orders. On the other hand, a promotional SMS helps to push campaign messages. For instance, to make the customers aware of the existing product offers. 

The Basic Differences Between Transactional SMS And OTP SMS 


Transactional SMS is ideal when all you need is to ensure appropriateness in terms of message content. It may also contain the intended recipient. Conversely, an OTP SMS does not validate before sending. Moreover, the user gets validation only through the OTP. 

High Route Of Priority

Do you know about SMS priority? OTP over SMS categorizes under a high priority rate in comparison to Transactional SMS. this is because One-Time Passwords are essentially time-sensitive. 


Since a transactional SMS is informative in nature, the user has to opt-in to receiving them. These messages usually contain information regarding the opted-in industry. The content of transactional messages varies from order placement to delivery. Moreover, it may also vary from feedback to referral or from invitations to offers. But in OTP content, there is a limitation to a set of numeric characters. Basically, it is one step of 2-factor authentication. 

Voice Support 

While OTP SMS services have voice support, Transactional SMS does not. For example, an OTP text comes with an additional set of guaranteed delivery in form of voice call support. Hence, if ever there is a failure in the OTP, your message will still get delivered through a voice call. And there will be no extra cost. 

Least Response Time 

As soon as you send the message, we deliver it. In comparison to a Transactional message, the processing of OTP needs lesser time. This is due to the validation process of a mobile number maximizes the response time for transactional messages. On the other hand, an OTP itself gets sent for validating the number, thereby reducing the steps. 

Server Downtime

Finally, a major difference between both is server downtime. In some cases, brands may experience server downtime. As a result, the algorithms have such a design that they prefer OTP first. This is not some sort of partiality. But a brand must always stress verifying the details through OTP texts. 


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