Guide About SMS Marketing And Planning SMS Campaign

Have you ever organized a campaign regarding bulk SMS marketing in Kolkata? Here are some tips that will save you from hefty mistakes. So, keep reading till the end. 

Bulk SMS marketing refers to a digital medium than helps in mass communication. Moreover, it allows marketers to reach out to their prospective customers directly. A brand crafts out the text message into SMS software and then sends it to a database of mobile numbers. This mainly sums up any bulk SMS service in Kolkata

Tips For Bulk SMS Marketing While Planning An Ideal SMS Campaign

  1. Plan the goal of your SMS marketing campaign

Unlike other marketing campaign strategies, your SMS campaign requires a measurable goal. This will not only guide your efforts but also lets your customers notice them. 

  1. Create a target persona

Secondly, you will need to build your target persona which will represent your target audience. After knowing the goal, you can consider who is your most potential audience. 

  1. Check if this is the best way to reach your goal

While SMS is an effective medium, you still run the risk of a high unsubscribe rate. Especially, when your audience stops appreciating your efforts of sending messages to them. 

  1. Implement a platform for bulk SMS marketing 

The next step is to optimize a marketing platform that gets your SMS campaign to reach your audience quickly. Additionally, it would be in the exact way your recipients want. 

Tips To Create Engaging Bulk SMS Content 

  • Make a call to action mandatory

Even if you don’t have the design capability of email, you can create an in-SMS CTA. make sure to give it priority placement within your text. Furthermore, you can also combine emojis to create a unique CTA or make it short and crisp. 

  • Optimize emojis to hook the attention 

Sometimes, it is not all about CTAs. Using an emoji or two in your bulk message campaign will increase engagement. Emojis are a good way to add visual stimulus to your text. Obviously, you have to keep in mind not to overdo it. 

  • Increase engagement with personalization 

Besides capturing useful information on your message, also try adding some customization. The most obvious way to personalize texts is by addressing a recipient by their first name. 

  • Keep it extremely short

When it comes to bulk SMS marketing, customers love it when they are short. Since mobile devices have smaller screens, people prefer short texts that won’t take much of their time. 


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