Everything You Need To Know About SMS Marketing: Its Advantages

Your bulk SMS service provider in Kolkata might not say it but SMS marketing is full of benefits. If you seek to know all the advantages of it, read this blog till the end. 

SMS Marketing, or short message service marketing, is a compelling branding strategy. Further, it lets brands impart messages to their users through text. Today, every other company consults a good bulk SMS service provider in India for boosting sales. In simple words, SMS marketing is equivalent to text messages bringing sales. 

The Top Three SMS Marketing Advantages

  • Swift delivery options 

Believe it or not, SMS marketing has a lighting fast delivery. A text message gets delivered within seconds after sending. Owing to this, you can easily send time-sensitive messages including event-related promotions and flash sales notifications. A classic example includes sending users texts to increase sales for that particular day. Additionally, people always carry their mobile phones with them which ultimately increases the possibility that your message will reach them. 

  • Higher rates of opening 

Whenever users receive an email marketing message, they have to crawl to their inbox to check the message. With so many emails waiting in a queue to be opened and read, customers are most likely to ignore them. On the other hand, SMS marketing makes the users aware instantly. Moreover, they do not need any additional applications for that. Since individuals usually receive texts from their family and friends, these notifications have lesser chances of ignorance. 

  • Greater response rates 

Not only do users open SMS marketing messages frequently but also tend to respond immediately. For any SMS marketing technique, the average response rate is 45 per cent. Moreover, the response rates can demonstrate if your SMS marketing texts are effective for the users or not. If more users are replying the second time, you know you have gained a competitive advantage. Additionally, greater response rates can ultimately result in more sales. 

4 Tips To Take Your SMS Marketing To The Next Level 

  1. Offer coupons 

As customers, we always want more from the brand. You can try giving out coupons to existing or new customers. 

  1. Promote a sale 

Leveraging SMS marketing to promote a sale like, the end-of-season sale, is never a bad idea when you have the right audience. 

  1. Send appointment reminders

SMS marketing messages are a great way to remind users about their certain appointments with your brand. 

  1. Announcing new products

Finally, bulk SMS helps you to inform your users about any new product you are launching. 


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