How Can Creative Sms Marketing Campaigns Inspire Clothing Brands?

For your mobile marketing campaign to be successful, you need the expertise of professionals to curate a winning strategy for clothing brands with bulk sms service in Kolkata.

Text messaging includes nearly 15 million messages sent across the globe every minute. So be ready to make the most of it by being on the priority of the customer’s mind. Bulk SMS Service in Kolkata functions as an effective tool in establishing a right-away reference to your customers. As in today’s hectic way of living, most people do not have time to browse newspapers, browse through ads, or attend promotional events. Hence, promoting a business is quite difficult. Therefore, retailers started implementing SMS services to speak with their customers in the quickest doable manner. 

How Beneficial Is Promotional SMS For Clothing Brands?

Promotional sms in Kolkata, helps you to connect with lakhs of shoppers with just a single click. Since everyone has access to mobile phones today, SMS is the best option for reaching your target cluster at the earliest. The benefit of this service is its ability to attract an audience with very low investment. Reasonable valuation led to Bulk SMS, the foremost and most liked advertising channel.

Ways Within Which Businesses Can Utilize Text Electronic Messaging Service

  • Promote your store: Integrate SMS promoting and advertise your store in a hassle-free means. Being the sole promoting channel having the best open rates, SMS will be a profitable tool and has the aptitude to yield the most price out of the minimum investment. Retailers will send special offers, exciting deals, and discount coupons to their target cluster of shoppers. Thus they promote their whole product with exactly a click of a button.
  • Purchase and payment notifications: Sending a text message when a client makes a purchase will be an efficient step in streamlining the method and boosting the shopping experience. As Bulk SMS service in Kolkata is the fastest medium to convey imperative order updates, a majority of retailers like it. Also, they keep the shoppers up-to-date about recent deals and assist them in matters concerning purchases.
  • Conducting survey via Bulk SMS: You will be able to send a survey link to your shoppers requesting them to supply feedback on your store. This could greatly facilitate in gathering their opinions, feedback, and suggestions permitting you to set up your future campaigns consequently. 


Bulk SMS is the right tool to send order updates, alerts, notifications, and promoting messages to your shoppers. Being the most reasonable channel to exchange information, you should implement a promotional sms service in Kolkata to grow your business in the long run. For guidance and a well-chalked out the sms marketing plan, feel free to contact Web2sms.