Five Reasons to Use Bulk SMS as A Part of Marketing Campaign

Five Reasons to Use Bulk SMS As a Part of Marketing CampaignGet to know the reasons why availing Affordable Bulk SMS Service for your next business marketing campaign can bring more revenue and leads to your business.

The key to mobile marketing is customer engagement. There is a simple way to engage more number of mobile users and that is SMS or text message campaigns.

SMS or text messaging is an incredibly powerful and reliable communication tool. Almost everyone has a mobile phone now with the feature of sending and receiving simple text messages. On top of that, with ninety-eight percent open rate within fifteen minutes of receipt and ninety percent rate within three minutes, SMS must be integrated as the most powerful engaging approach in the overall marketing strategy. So, the top five reasons why one should embrace Affordable Bulk SMS Service as the main part of the business marketing campaign are discussed here.

  • Bulk SMS Works Across Every Operating System:- Unlike mobile apps, bulk SMS capabilities do not need to be adjusted across different operating systems. It is already there in the mobile phones, so, regardless if the customer is handling an android or an iOS model, he or she will be able to reach them all in a very cost-effective manner.
  • SMS Works On all Phone Types:- if the marketer is targeting a demographic, which does not have the access to smartphone, for instance, the seniors who are accustomed to handle the normal handsets even then also bulk SMS marketing will be the easiest possible way to reach them. Hence, it can be said that bulk SMS marketing work on every mobile phone model and even in the future there is no such sign of text messaging capability becoming obsolete. It can be clearly understood that bulk SMS enables one to reach out to the mass without alternating the key consumer segment.
  • Customers Take Proactive Roles with the Bulk SMS Campaigns:- As opposed to the email campaigns, the customers are very active when they register to send and receive both transactional and promotional SMSs on their mobile phones. In this way, they get more engaged with the bulk SMS campaigns.
  • Bulk SMS Campaigns Create Personal Customer Experience:- With these SMS campaigns, the brands are able to get connected to the customers via much more personalized mediums. The marketers and customers can enjoy and experience the symbiotic relationship as the customers receive more number of custom messages and the marketers receive responses in real-time and gain worthy insights from the interaction.
  • Bulk SMS Campaigns Yield both High Conversion Rates and High Response Rates:- As already stated, ninety-eight percent of the SMSs are opened within the first fifteen minutes of receipt and ninety percent are replied back within three minutes after opening and reading it. In contrast to this, email campaigns have twenty-five open rates and are also found to battle against spam and the other email filters. As a result of this, when promotions of products and services are considered, bulk SMS is the best gateway to reach the mass at once.

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