How Can Brands Leverage Missed Call Service To Their Benefit?

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Missed call service is one of a kind marketing strategy that lets you connect with your audience. A detailed understanding of this marketing service awaits you here.

While call center marketing campaigns have the objective of improving business results by conducting an advertising blitz, missed call service in India originated due to a different problem. Purchasing a cell phone was itself a task for people who were not economically well off but with more affordable handsets in the market, it became fairly easy. However, the actual issue was spending quite an amount of money in recharging mobile phones for generating Talktime. This led to missed calling and ever since it has become an efficient method of customer engagement. 

Missed calls started as a way of communicating with one another on pre-decided activities. For example, if your sibling is going to her tuitions, or extra-curricular classes, after reaching the desired venue she can give a missed call. This ensures she reaches safely. Also, you can ask someone to remind you about taking a doctor’s appointment or buying groceries through a missed call. In fact, some people are going to the extent of setting up code languages via missed calls like two rings for YES, one ring for NO, etc. 

Different Ways Of Using Missed Call Service For Businesses:-

You can call the number back or send a triggered sms to your callers. Here is how it can benefit your business:

  • Sending The Right Updates:-

E-commerce brands and the banking industry are using missed call service to their advantage. They initiate an issued call to a phone number followed by an sms alert with the infirmed requested information. For banks, customers can find out their account balance, mini statement, etc. With ecommerce, getting the delivery status of the purchased product is an important use of missed call service. 

  • Lead Generation:

Some of the top companies have built their business model by implementing a simple missed call. When you place a call on the missed call number in Kolkata, the call gets disconnected and the data becomes available to you. In this way, brands are able to generate leads and turn them into trustworthy customers. 

  • Saving Sales Capacity:-

Missed call marketing helps brands save sales capacity by allowing them to intervene in peak overloaded traffic over a stipulated period of time. This also can be an effective way to track and follow up notes after integrating them with  CRM software. 

The Reasons For The Demand In Missed Call Service Are:

  • No call charges are applicable for missed calling
  • No hazard of downloading apps or creating hundreds of account
  • An easy and fast call to action 
  • No prior technical knowledge needed

Over the past few years, missed call marketing has grown tremendously. If you want to channelize this cost-effective marketing tool in your business venture contact Web2SMS. Also, they are the best-missed call service provider in Ranchi.