All You Need To Know About Voice Sms & Its Importance to Business

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Low-cost voice call and sms service in Kolkata steadily picking up pace as marketers are unfolding the numerous benefits it has in store. Want to know more? Keep reading. 

Voice messaging is an instant communication technology that has either recorded audio or a text to speech format. Used as an alternative to voice calls and text messages, It is easily accessible through a smart device where the voicemail stores the message. Over the last few years, major messaging platforms like Facebook messenger,  Whatsapp are using voice messaging for effective communication. With dedicated 200 million users in just a year on Whatsapp, it is not difficult to guess the soaring popularity of this service. Voice sms service in Kolkata is contributing positively to the growth of various business operations. 

Why Is A Voice Messaging In The Limelight?

Voice messaging is a unique way to preserve the warmth of human voice and set a clear, flexible tone to continue the conversation. Especially for people who are not eager to read text messages, voice recorded messages as they can multitask even while listening. The duration of the message is just 30 seconds and hence it’s crisp and usually to the point. From personal advantages to professional benefits, there are numerous reasons why there has been a massive increase in its usage. 

How Can Voice Messaging Benefit Businesses And Brands?

1. Paves Way For Customer Retention: 

Brands, businesses, and also, organizations can interact with a large set audience by making bulk outbound voice messaging at a single click. It also helps to retain customers through effective tracking of their calls such that they get the guarantee that you will call back to address their issue.  Thus to achieve the desired business objective. It is essential that customers are completely satisfied and sms service providers in Kolkata make sure of that.  

2. Better Business Growth And Reach: 

You can use voice messaging for a wide range of applications such as Political Campaigns. Wake up calls, EMI Alerts, Medicine reminders, Invitation messages for Weddings, Events, etc. It helps to attract more visitors and also, generate quality leads by making the communication more personalized. The major benefits of voice messaging includes:

  1. Stability
  2. Reasonable pricing
  3. Excellent customer support
  4. Security and safety
  5. 100% Delivery rate

3. Ease Of Use And Accessibility: 

Voice messaging campaigns are easy to integrate. You can simply use MS Excel to create a campaign, upload the pre-recorded message, schedule the campaign and keep monitoring it to understand how well your business is faring. 

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