How Do Bulk SMS Services Benefit Auto Industry & Dealerships?

Just like bulk SMS services, the automotive industry is witnessing rapid growth. Know what role a bulk promotional SMS in Kolkata has to play in this upturn. 

From the changing behaviour pattern of consumers to a longer vehicle lifespan, everything leads to the boom of the auto industry. Of course, there are hurdles like the increasing lead volumes as well as the conversion rates. Promotional SMS service in Kolkata is an astounding tool that notifies customers about auto industries. 

In What Ways Do Bulk SMS Services Profit The Auto Industry? 

Given below are some tips for bulk SMS marketing in Kolkata that provide benefits to the automotive sector. 

  • Showcase Your Business

Besides writing a text message simply regarding a new product launch, you can develop more impact of your business. All you need to do is include pictures along with pricing in the form of PDFs, images and spreadsheets. Since more people incline toward visual images, such SMS offers greater value to your brand. Consequently, it grabs the attention of your prospective customers. 

  • After Sales Solutions

You can create a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers. Additionally, you can also maintain a loyal set of customers by sending reminder SMS related to after-sales services. This may include a vehicle service date, registration date, insurance reminder, warranty renewal and much more. Hence, there will be a personal touch that elevates your brand from the others. 

  • Extremely Affordable

Bulk SMS is the finest means for promoting your product along with creating brand recognition at highly nominal rates. In comparison to other tools, promotional SMS is the best marketing strategy catering to all your needs. Because of its highest open rate, it has wide uses not only in the auto industry but in each sector. 

  • Make Announcements

Besides marketing your existing products, you can use bulk SMS for announcing new product arrivals. This constructs a bond with your customers. Additionally, it will also help you to promote the product to both your existing and prospective clients. By giving your customers constant updates, you can maintain healthy relations and also build brand recognition. 

  • Offer Deals And Discounts

Further, you can optimize this excellent platform for offering discounts, gift coupons and exciting deals. This encourages them to buy or at least visit your store. Interestingly, the sale of automobiles increases during festivals. Hence, during such seasons, you can announce a mega prize that will eventually add weightage to your brand. 


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