What Presents Better ROI Among Bulk SMS And Whatsapp Messaging?

Bulk SMS And Whatsapp Messaging

Bulk WhatsApp marketing in Ranchi has been witnessing phenomenal growth in the past few years. Read this blog and know which one offers a greater ROI to businesses. 

Unlike SMS, Whatsapp for business has a wide range of options. However, there are brand owners that still use bulk SMS for reaching out to their customers effectively. But the question now lies, can businesses optimize WhatsApp marketing services in Kolkata and generate the same results? 

Basic Differences Between Bulk SMS And Whatsapp Marketing

Bulk SMS Outreach Is Greater Than Whatsapp Messaging Outreach

It is due to bulk SMS marketing that business owners can outreach unlimited audiences. You may easily tap into a new set of audiences with Bulk SMS marketing. However, there are no limitations on the number each marketer can send to its target audience. Besides, using Whatsapp can give you a limit of only 256 recipients whenever you send a “broadcast.”

Bulk SMS Has Lower Entry Barriers But Whatsapp Has Greater Opt-In Needs                 

Bulk SMS consists of a low barrier to entry. Brands can get customer contact lists by drawing out customer information. Especially, the ones who carry out transactions with them or optimize this method for populating their SMS contact database. 

With WhatsApp, the users can opt-in directly to a business list. Consumers can mark your messages as “spam” as well as delete them. Reaching users via Whatsapp sometimes appears as a violation of the recipient’s privacy.  

You Do Not Need A Separate Feature For SMS 

Bulk SMS allows marketers to reach all end users because every handset has the SMS feature beforehand. Users do not have to install any software at all. But this scenario is different with Whatsapp because users have to install it manually on their device. 

A marketer can easily know if the recipient has an active Whatsapp account or not by adding their contacts. 

More Security With One-Time Password

Online security is becoming very crucial these days. As a result, double authentication is a now considerable factor. This is where SMS OTP becomes a popular security feature to implement. Moreover, it is simple, straightforward and offers another level of security to its users. 


The cost of SMS continues to drop. Thus, you can still get discounts when you purchase them in bulk. The pricing of Whatsapp messages for businesses appears to be more expensive than SMS now.                          


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