How To Start Running Sms Marketing Campaigns For Gaming Platforms?

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The gaming industry can benefit from bulk sms marketing in Kolkata. Know the essential tips and tricks to execute a winning campaign for gaming platforms.  

There are a lot of companies that mock the idea of sms marketing. But if you partner with the right bulk sms service provider, you will benefit immensely. Even the gaming industry can ensure a profitable deal. This is possible by sending information about prices. And odds and tips for enhancing the gaming strategy and the possibility of winning.

If you go through the number of texts that were sent last year, it amounts to 15.2 million. Thus, you can easily understand the huge capacity of this marketing tool. Gaming businesses can deliver information to their subscribers anytime, anywhere. 

Among all the bulk sms sent, messages have an open rate of 82%, and  90% of them are read in only 3 minutes. Moreover, within a short span of time, SMS platforms introduced the option to use multimedia content and short links through short text messages. Various gaming companies can leverage this opportunity to send unique multimedia messages for luring customers.

SMS Marketing Tips For Gaming Platforms

  • Identify Prospective Customers: 

When you start with sms marketing, you may not have knowledge about who your target audience is. Hence by conducting extensive research online, you need to thoroughly separate your leads from prospective clients. Only these prospects need to be targeted for bulk texting because they will help you receive huge responses from the market. 

  • Enhanced Client Interaction: 

Emails and pop-up advertisements may often feel impersonal and become a nuisance after some time. This is however not the case with text messages. This medium allows you to personalize your agenda and forge a much closer relationship with your recipients. Thus, gaming companies can get a detailed understanding of what their customers demand from them in the long run. 

  • Incentives And Subscriptions: 

Let your customers keep track of important information and updates. SMS marketing allows gaming companies to actively and frequently engage with their customers. This removes all doubts from customers’ minds of their not being valued. Also, reward your customers with exclusive gaming subscriptions, new-in-app purchase discounts, and referral links.

  • Quick Call-to-Action: 

With smartphones being an absolute necessity for every person these days, all the options are just a click away. Make your texts more vivid and compelling enough to let the audience take quick action. This will help your gaming business reap huge advantages. 


Smses are reliable, instant, easy to integrate, inexpensive, and also, have a high conversion rate that can work in your business’s favor. Web2sms is the best bulk sms service provider in Kolkata. You can also, choose a contact from your database, write a customized text, and schedule to deliver the text at a particular time and date.