WhatsApp Marketing Statistics: Crucial Facts To Highlight

whatsapp marketing

Bulk whatsapp marketing service has the potential to reach your target audience and increase your brand’s awareness. Know more about WhatsApp statistics here. 

The latest WhatsApp statistics available inform us that over 2 billion people use the messaging app. Whatsapp marketing in India. The most obvious reason people choose WhatsApp as their primary messaging app is the platform’s end-to-end encryption system. With security being one of the most important criteria, this messaging app emerged victorious in this regard. Even after increasing the number of competitors, WhatsApp statistics show that digital safety and data privacy made it the most popular messaging app worldwide.

WhatsApp Statistics 

  • There are over 2 billion WhatsApp monthly active users.
  • WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging app worldwide.
  • There are over 50 million WhatsApp Business users.
  • 23% of US adults use WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp is available in 60 languages.
  • WhatsApp is banned or restricted in 6 countries.
  • There are close to half a billion WhatsApp users in India

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What Are The Most Intriguing Features Of Whatsapp Messaging Application?

  1. Personal Chat: – You can directly interact with any of the users or customers via this App. The only thing is you should have their contact numbers.
  2. Broadcast Lists: – You can create a broadcast list with a maximum of two hundred and fifty-six contacts. And then you can send a single message to all of them at once in one go.
  3. Videos: – Video messaging is an excellent choice to promote a brand or business. You will have to choose the clipping and then share it with the audiences who are there in your Whatsapp contact list.
  4. Image: – Sending an image is far better than sending thousands of words. A text is easy to ignore but an attractive image cannot.
  5. Audio: – You can also send Pre-recorded messages on Whatsapp. Let your business talk about everything.
  6. Location: – You can also share GPS locations with your clients who are there in your Whatsapp contact list. You can also insert a clickable link in the GPS location tag before sending.

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