IVR Campaign in India- The Lifeline for Businesses During COVID

 IVR service provider in Kolkata

Businesses are turning to IVR number service providers in India to stay afloat in the market. Here’s how the pandemic is changing the world of business. 

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a new wave in the world of business to interact with customers for better engagement. It is defined as a telephonic service. That enables a computer system to interact with customers via voice calls and SMS alerts. IVR number service providers in India are becoming increasingly popular as it is an efficient way to propel work. From home operations without worrying about hardware and maintenance, considering the current pandemic situation. 

In the COVID situation, companies are making the most out of inbound & outbound. IVR packages and automated resources to earn enormous gains without compromising on customer satisfaction.

Hence, let us understand how businesses are meeting targets and enhancing customer relationship management using IVR campaigns. 

Well-Organized Inbound Calls:-

COVID-19 has left the world with a crisis, thereby leaving the businesses and companies to solve various issues coming from the customer’s end. Hence, how are businesses dealing with all questions to fulfill the requirements of the customers effectively? 

  • Invest in a holistic IVR protocol using the help of IVR number service providers in India. This is to make sure that the employees do not exhaust themselves owing to the self-servicing and pre-recorded messages.
  • Callers can browse through the common queries from the menu using their phone’s keypad. 
  • Businesses are using various kinds of pre-recorded messages to deliver up-to-date information to the customers, thereby handling the queries efficiently. 
  • Information like revised public relations agendas, marketing campaigns, etc. can also be fed into this messaging to provide the caller with some knowledge before asking to connect to an agent.

Effective Use of Outbound Calls:-

Businesses are making use of outbound calls for short duration outreach campaigns by connecting with the IVR system via missed call service. Businesses can opt for multiple missed call numbers for a better success rate. For every successful call, the IVR using the help of an IVR service provider in the India system can support the interested customer with a personalized voice message, followed by redirecting them to the agents as needed.

SMS marketing is yet another option available and can be used when a business is nearing the concluding phase of marketing drives or business outreach. This is the time when they can make use of SMS. Using the help of SMS service providers to further enhance their IVR campaign. 

Why is SMS Marketing Equally Beneficial? 

  • Also, to send reminders for payments and any other form of payment to registered numbers. 
  • Ensure zero default, zero scopes of late payment, and better relationships with business partners.  IVR Campaign in India- The Lifeline for Businesses During COVID 
  • Also, helps track minor financial gaps to prevent it from becoming a huge problem in the future.

Alternatively, at the beginning of your campaign, SMS service providers. Will help a business with OTP texts, ordering & shipping alerts, and offer notifications which are extremely useful for companies dealing with perishable goods. As people most of the time do not check emails, such mobile push notifications are an easy way to generate interest and maintain leads.

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