Key Insights About The Difference Between Whatsapp & Whatsapp Business

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Whatsapp Marketing service in Kolkata is scaling new heights. With whatsapp and whatsapp business, both marketers & consumers will experience a surge in their sales.

With internet users rising 10% annually, you can gauge the enormous potential it offers to brands for conducting business online.  Currently, messaging apps have the highest customer satisfaction and retention ability. Businesses are thus implementing text applications to woo their customers, keep them up-to-date and secure. Nearly, 53 percent of companies that launched a new channel in 2020 added messaging.

Difference Between Whatsapp & Whatsapp Business

WhatsApp Marketing in India is one of the greatest marketing strategies to give momentum to your business. WhatsApp has more active users than LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. At first, the app only catered to blackberry users that allowed free messaging service to users. Instantly it gained 2,50,000 active users. Later the company introduced multimedia messaging features. This made WhatsApp the top app most frequently downloaded by iOS and Android users. The popularity of WhatsApp became the talk of the town. It gradually attracted big banners and also, investors. With the rising growth of the company’s profits, It became a threat to most. Facebook in 2014 acquired WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars.

WhatsApp Marketing Can Help You Through:

  • A key strategy to promote and expand your business
  • Real-time service provider
  • Cross-platform helps you to connect with people who do not have social media profiles
  • You can use WhatsApp Web to optimize your communications too

With the immense success of the Whatsapp messaging application, it was time to venture into the business world. WhatsApp Business application allows you to create a  profile for your brand or business. You can add your business information like physical address, email ids, list products, prioritize the brand’s USP, etc. This application caters mostly to small business owners who manage light volumes of customer requests. It is no brainer that an android phone is essential to use this application. But the best part is it is absolutely free. 

Whatsapp Business Can Benefit You In The Following Way:

  • Brands and businesses are able to help their customers easily and in a convenient way
  • Build trustworthy & reliable customer relationship
  • Provides a modern experience that is better than SMS
  • Companies can boost their credibility and also, authenticity

Thus, features like economical, reliability, and ease of use, make WhatsApp marketing in Kolkata, a key practice to generate leads. For any queries related to SMS and also, Whatsapp marketing, you can contact Web2SMS.