Some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the Missed Call Service

missed call service provider

“An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules”. A few years back, the founder and CEO of Zip Dial, Valarie Wagoner, discovered a simple idea of the missed call which later on became a huge business opportunity. Since then, the advent of the missed call alert service has been fast gaining pace, being integrated as a fundamental part of every business strategy.

However, before a company decides to use this feature, here are some FAQs that will help you gain more knowledge and information about this field.

1. What is the missed call alert service?

In today’s world of digitisation and technology, missed call marketing is one of the most effective business tools that helps in enhancing business performance. The meaning of the term is exactly as it sounds- the customers call back in the number which was used to target ads at them but instead of talking, they hang the call. The companies will then make a call to all these phone numbers or send them messages which contain some important information about a certain deal, offers or coupons.

2. How does the missed call service work ?

One of the most intriguing marketing mechanisms, every business establishment has to select a specific phone number which will allow the service of the “missed call alerts”. Now the caller will call you on this mobile number. Afterwards, you will notice that an auto confirmation message has been sent showing that the person’s name has already been registered. The caller’s name is thus stored in the records/database. An executive from the company will call on that required number to know about all the queries and questions from the customers.

You can promote your missed call number in some of these places –

• In the websites and in advertisements
• Television and radio advertisements
• In different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc
• By advertising the number in print media like hoardings and banners


3. How does the feature of missed call help in generating business leads ?

For every business to succeed, effective and hassle-free communication is the key, one which enables marketers to establish engaging conversations with all their potential customers. Taking services from the missed call service provider ensures that you stay connected instantly and within a shorter time.

Some of the different ways the missed call feature allow companies to generate business leads is as follows –

• Connection – Expanding the reach of the company and adding more customers .

• Subscription – Increasing subscriptions allow the business to grow.

• Verification – Sorting out visitors or consumers who are qualitative.

• Voting – Conducting polls and surveys and gaining customer feedback.


4. How to select a missed call service provider ?

Before selecting a missed call service provider, check if they provide some of these benefits and features –

• Geo location tracking – Nowadays the missed call will enable you to know the exact location from where your customer is calling. This is helpful because on knowing the region your customer is from, you can create campaigns in regional languages and plan your marketing strategies in a way that will fetch maximum ROI

• SMS blast – To be able to keep in touch with all your potential customers from time to time, a simple missed call will not bring adequate outcomes. You also need to send SMS’s from the same dashboard.

• A/B split testing – This will allow you to run two different and separate campaigns from the same number so that you can test which number is performing rightly.

• CRM integration – Once you integrate the missed call alert with CRM, you can easily get access to valuable customer insights. This way, you will be able to analyze the customer data, trends, and patterns to aid during some future conversation.

• IVR integration – This is an advanced feature which makes a medium for customers to interact more in return for every missed call.

• Webhook IPI integration – You can get data accessible to your URL and also take your ideas for campaigning anywhere.


5. How missed call alert has taken hold over India ?

India comes second, globally, with 1 billion plus mobile phone users. There are several reasons why the number of the mobile handset is plummeting. In the age of Whatsapp, Facebook and other apps, the missed call service allows one to connect without using any talk time. Therefore, this is very economical as well as wide-reaching. You can leverage the missed call behaviour of the people as an advertising medium which renders better accessibility to the markets. Moreover, it is also non-intrusive.