How do the Bulk SMS and Whatsapp Marketing Engage more Customers in Start Up?

Bulk Sms & Whatsapp marketing

For any start-up business to succeed, the primary concern should be to establish a stronghold of communication with all the potential customers. The more you boost your business prospects, the more successful it becomes. In the age of rapid digitization as well as severe competition, several companies are taking to the online platform so as to spread their brand narrative in the most effective way. The bulk SMS and the WhatsApp marketing are two such popular features which are being opted by millions of small scale companies to survive in this competitive market.

The bulk SMS service

In India, the bulk SMS market has smoothly taken over telecalling, also sidelining traditional mediums of communication which consumed a lot of extra time and effort. India being a country with some of the biggest metropolitan cities, the companies are concerned about a million prospective. As a result, marketing has also become equally challenging, demanding the companies to invest in more strategic methods and planning. The same mechanism applies to a start-up business as well.

The bulk SMS generates massive opportunities for startup companies. Currently, India records almost 299.94 million active mobile phone users with access to the messaging feature. This is where the companies can reap maximum benefits. It is cost effective as well allow them to connect with the customers in real time, irrespective of their location. Companies with even one eye on their overhead costs prefer to employ the bulk SMS feature which is highly targeted.

Some of the other prominent advantages of this feature are as follows-

1) Bulk SMS has a high conversion rate. When companies send personalized, crisp messages as per the behaviour and the demographics of their customers, the chances of achieving conversion also soars.

2) Bulk SMS has a wider appeal. The targetted messages can reach a wider base of an audience in split seconds. Even the response rate is quicker than other alternatives.

3) The SMS opening rates are higher. Within 5 seconds of delivery, almost 98 percent of messages are read.

4) It is more convenient for the customers to read the message on their mobile phone and stay alert all the time. People also find it easier to read important details through SMS.

Whatsapp marketing

Whatsapp marketing is one of the most effective mediums of marketing, with almost 225 million active users all over the country. Over time, this feature has expanded considerably, with an innumerable number of whatsapp marketing providers catering their services. Whatsapp enables you to share images, video, and audio files as well as make video calls with no cost incurred. The reason why an increasing number of people are taking to this feature is because of the falling data rates. Moreover, it also allows for more widespread engagement with the customers at a very low-cost budget.

The Whatsapp marketing feature offers many beneficial advantages to start up businesses. Let’s take a glance at few of them –

1) As a marketing tool, it is very efficient which has proved to give faster and better outcomes. The feature is free, accessible in 53 different languages and popular in almost 109 different countries. More than 90% of Whatsapp messages are read within minutes of sending it. It also enables you to form a group where you can share all the relevant information in details.

2) It proposes a real-time and direct communication with the audiences or clients. As the number of smartphone users has increased, the probability of associating with the targetted customers have also risen, which in turn helps you to produce more leads for the company.

3) It is a magnificent tool for endorsing new products and also craft innovative advertisements. Shorter details become more catchy. By exhibiting pictures and changing status, you can easily grab the attention of the others.

4) You can build your own separate team on Whatsapp, share with them all updates about your new work, deadlines, task goals, and meetings.

5) It helps in conducting thorough marketing surveys.

For every startup company, using these services will help enhance performance and slowly proceed towards a rising future growth.